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New Layout

Yes, it is time to say goodbye to Han Kyoung... and helloo~ooo~ to Renji. I'm slowly getting better at this. This time I added in an image map... which I am not used to yet.... but will be soon enough. Other than that, the code is the same as usual. The real magic if in the banner anyway. I spent over an hour on that thing... but mostly because I had to remove someone from it.

Degac Creep: and you have no idea how hard it was to remove Rukia from in front of that box
Degac Creep: and completely recreate the box front
AmyKaidoh01: the way I see looks as if she was never there
Degac Creep: I know
Degac Creep: cause I'm fucking good
AmyKaidoh01: that is some sexy ass shit right there

--> The original image
So you can see just how much damn work I had to do. Removing her was easy... it was the box that gave me lip.

Lyrics from "We Know Where You Sleep" by The Paper Chase.
--> Download song

As usual, let me know what you think.
Tags: hollowtime, layout gear, not cartoons, the logs of chat
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