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Don't you know the rules?

Got tagged. It's like I'm just talking and talking and you guys don't hear a fucking thing.

Tell 6 things about yourself and tag 6 others.

1. I fucking hate getting tagged when the meme is retarded. Music memes are cool. Icon memes are cool. And sometimes even the rare survey is cool. But when I get tagged and I actually feel my soul dripping out through my feet, there must be something seriously wrong. And I can't not do them. I see my name and I read I'm tagged and I feel obligated.

2. The list I just made for myself of shit I have to do includes ten icons. I have a lot to do today. Don't think this is a reason to not IM me. You can still do that. Fuck, half the time you guys spend talking to me is me just making banners or a layout or something. I listen... but I'm not ever always 100% there with you

3. I have three times in the last month had my personality and temper compared to that of Kang In... and have mixed feelings about it.

4. I have started applying for jobs recently. One, because I need to pay Tim back just in case he pisses me off and I need to sever all ties. That wouldn't be cool. And two, because if I don't get my hands on some mother fucking Coq shoes, I'm going to blow a hole in the side of my head from the inside.

5. Alan has convinced me to join the RP she is in. She hasn't been able to get onto her internet for some time and is hoping the other RPers there don't think she abandoned it just as she joined. So... whenever she gets back up there I'm supposed to join her. She made me an RP journal. I was like WTF. And Amy said she'd join, too, so hopefully the group will get happy.

6. All your userpics are belong to Liz.

As for the tagging: This meme needs to die. I tag nobody.
Tags: memeish tendencies
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