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Another Fair Steal (Fuck You If You Judge Me)

I've been doing a lot of these lately... it's because I have nothing else to talk about.

Stolen from Kigan, who stole it from Mai.

Pick your 6 favorite anime/manga and answer the questions (don't look at the questions before):

(In no particular order)
1. Hellsing
2. Bleach
3. Fullmetal Alchemist
4. Prince of Tennis
5. Cowboy Bebop
6. Fushigi Yuugi

01. Who is your favorite character from #2?
Urahara. He is just seriously the most badass anime character on the planet.
Don't fight me about it. You know I'm right.

02. Who is your least favorite character from #4?
Mizuki. Bleh.

03. What would a crossover between #1 and #5 include?
Lots of guns. And space. And vampires. Space vampires packing massive fucking guns... all with a hefty bounty on their heads.

04. Who is your favorite ship from #6?
Tasuki x Kouji. It's there.

05. If you were to set one person from #3 and one person from #6 on a blind date, who would they be?
Roy and Tasuki. While I don't and probably never will think Roy is gay, I suppose the love for setting things on fire may attract him to the flaming fan-bearer.

06. If you could meet one person from #4 and spend the day with them, who would it be, and
what would you do?
Momo. Trust me, this is a must. We would probably eat a lot and then annoy some people. Overall I think it would be a blast.

07. If you could change one thing about #2's plotline, what would you change?
Hmm. I suppose... no... that wouldn't work... No, I wouldn't change anything. I COULDN'T change anything. It's just perfect.

08. Explain a relationship between two people (not necessarily romantic) from show #5, and why you like the relationship between them.
Jet and Spike. They, themselves, are a whole seperate genre of friendship. I love the way they interact.

09. If the lead title characters (first name in the credits) from #1 and #3 were both drowning, and you could only save one, who would it be?
Hmm... Al or Seras? Al. Seras was annoying me by the fourth episode. That show is all about Alucard, anyway.

10. If you were able to add a new character, any kind of character you wanted, to the storyline for #6, what would the character be like and what would their role be?
Oh, there are far too many characters in that show already. But it would be interesting if another of Tasuki's sisters was introduced (although, I think the one that was made an actual character was only mentioned in the manga... it's been too long, I can't remember).

11. What happens in your favorite episode of show #2?
Ah... hmm... that show is so good, it's hard to pick a single episode that was best. I suppose maybe the episode when Ichigo was training with Urahara (just after he was stripped of his power) and he emerged from the hole as part Hollow. Oh god, that was so cool. Ichigo Hollow rubs me in all the right ways.

12. If you could kill off one of the characters of #1, who would it be and how would you do it?
I was wanting to kill Luke Valentine from the first second he was in the show... but Alucard took care of that for me, so no worries.

13. If you got the chance to visit the set for either show #3 or show #5, which would you choose?
Cowboy Bebop.

14. So, I saved the best question for last. If you could date anyone from any of these shows, which show and which person?
Oh, damn. I'm... gonna have to say... damn, I had to put Bleach on the list. Ok, I'm not going to include Bleach in this. Yes I am. It would be Renji. Red-heads are hot as FUCK.
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