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My brother gave me this after stealing it off a random message board.
It made love so I filled it out.
Feel free to steal it and fill out your own answers.

1.What brand of toilet paper does your family buy?
Scott. The normal kind, not that pussy extra soft kind. My ass can handle the regular softness.

2.What is your favorite kitchen utensil?
The pasta spoon. It's just so cool.

3.Is your freezer/refrigerator door right next to each other, or on top?
Next to each other.

4.What color is the chair you're sitting in?

5.Have you ever worn underwear on your head?
Oh yes.

6.What about over your pants?
You know it.

7.Have you ever eaten grass?

8.Does your dog eat grass?

9.Do you yell at it when it eats grass?

10.Did your mom tell you to yell at him/her?

11.Have you ever wondered why the letter Q always has to be followed with u?
Many times in my youth. I have since decided that it is not worth pondering.

12.When asked "Wut do yew wanna tlk abouutt", what do you think of first?
Fuck... what?

13.Is there anything broken around you?
Yeah. A few things. Mostly thinking of my broken dreams, however.

14.What's your favorite brand of pencil?
I don't use pencils...

... making using erasers pointless.

16.Do you like Dunkaroos?
Hell yeah I like Dunkaroos.

17.Do you enjoy cleaning your belly button?
Eh. Not particularly.

18.Type ex-boyfriends/girlfriends mother's name with your chin.
Right... like I'm supposed to remember that.

19.Have you ever yawned and not been able to hear momentarily?
All the time.

20.Have you ever used the word 'duper' without super in front of it?
Yeah... I have...

21.Why do people named Thomas go by the nickname Tom.
I... don't know.

22.Why not Thom?
That's a good idea.

23.Have you ever used a type writer, and not messed up typing?

24.Does your dad watch the History Channel everynight?

25.Talk Sex With Sue- Good or bad?
<.< I don't know.

26.Do you fear shutting your head in the car door?

27.Do you ever find yourself sitting around making funny faces for no reason?
All the time.

28.Does anyone ever catch you?
All the time.

29.Have you played "A Sailor Went to Sea Sea Sea" Lately?

30.Did you know the ABC's and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star have the same tune?
And Bah Bah Black Sheep.

31.Are you humming them now?
Oh yes.

32.If I told you I had a Pokemon mousepad, what would you say?
Go you.

33.Have you ever made a project out of wood?

34.Have you ever ridden on a donkey?

35.Do you purposely NOT use good punctuation/grammar?
No. I wish mine was better, though.

36.Have you ever dislike someone you hadn't met in person?
Bin. And others. Mostly Bin. And Gackt. And Yunho. Mostly Bin, Gackt and Yunho.

37.Have you ever swan dived off of your roof into oncoming traffic?
... uh... no?

38.Go look in the nearest closet. What's the 3rd clothing article on the left?
Purple and white fleece jacket shirt thing. I don't know, it's not my closet.

39.When you were a kid, did you believe chocolate milk came from brown cows?

40.Do you still believe it?

41.Have you ever found a dead animal under your house?

42.Have you ever tried to fly past the age of 8?
<.< whut

43.Do you watch Disney Channel shows, and then lie about it?
<.< WTF >.> I don't watch the Disney Channel... <.<

44.Has your house ever been infested with some kind of insect?
Ants. Every summer.

45.Have you ever passed 3 dead squirrles in a row on the road?
I passed two in a row the other day. Looked like the asshole got the whole family.

46.Can you laugh like Woody Woodpecker?
I could try but it probably wouldn't be very good.

47.Do you walk in step with people around you?
All the time.
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