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Biscuit and Bear

Formerly known as Bam and Ryan, those are the two kittens my cat Beans had about a month ago... yeah, about a month ago. They both have designated homes... but I just don't want them to go cause they're so cute. I have pictures, if anyone is interested, but I'm so not going through the trouble of putting them up here. Ask me in AIM if you want to see.

Yes... oh... and I bought X2, which I never actually saw in the theater... and boy howdy was it sexy. Watched it like, four times already. Nightcrawler has always been a favorite of mine. What I hate about it though, is people who've only ever seen the movies trying to match X-men wit with a veteran like myself. I bought the comics back in the day and I was all over the original tv show... I mean, come on, what X-men fan wasn't?

*Ahem* so yeah, Viva la Gambit.

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