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Degac Creep: and Ryeo looks like a lesbian
Degac Creep: seriously
AmyKaidoh01: hehehe
Degac Creep: I have had sex with a female that looks like Ryeo in that live
AmyKaidoh01: damn
Degac Creep: a few times
Degac Creep: and have now disgusted myself
AmyKaidoh01: awww
AmyKaidoh01: *hugs*
Degac Creep: Wooksex
Degac Creep: BLEE~EEEH
AmyKaidoh01: hehe
AmyKaidoh01: image having chul black hair sex
Degac Creep: homgyesplease
Degac Creep: afewtimesthenasmallbreakforsoda
Degac Creep: thenafewmoretimes
AmyKaidoh01: hehehehe

PS: Who friended me? It went up two since like yesterday... You guys have to tell me when you do this. My memory isn't good enough to remember who had me friended and who didn't. Let me know. Make it personal.
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