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Random Picture Update

Anyone who has been watching this journal for a very long time knows that there was a time where I would take pictures of some of the most random shit ever... Well, today I was cleaning out my camera and found some pictures that have never been seen outside of it's little screen. So I moved them to the computer and uploaded them to make a completely random entry about completely random things including completely random visuals.

In here you'll see some old pictures from my trip to NY in February as well as two new baby pictures... plus random. Fun for the whole family.

Random shot of an in-game conversation with the loveable Kyle.
Kyle, we all know you want the Prince in the worst way. Don't try to fight it.
I probably took that one.

This has to be at least two weeks old because I've had my new desktop that long.
I don't know why this was taken, nor what the point of having it is.
I did not take this picture.

Someone took a picture of me sleeping... and I threw out the whole picture but kept this one part... because my hand is hot here.
Check out my bracelets. Seven red ones. If you don't catch that reference, then you need to spend more time with Liz.

Some of my shit in the hallway. I did not take this picture, and now wonder why anyone else would want a picture of my crap. I don't even want a picture of my crap.

This must have been taken in the wee hours of this morning... seeing as I totally see my brand new sexy layout right there. That's my lover Woo and my mother's lover Micky Mouse chilling out above the computer. Having that picture there keeps me sane.
I did not take this picture.

This looks to be my mother's fridge. There's some things growing in there. That fruit used to be green. And god only knws how long that soup has been there.
I, again, probably did not take this picture. But... maybe...

Bedside table in the hotel in NYC. All my sexy bracelets in a pile there... and my cookies and soda... I miss NY.

Sexy random posters in Tim's bedroom. I molested that 4th jib Woo picture like every time I left the room... which was often because I piss a lot.

Another picture of crap in Tim's room. This crap was right up next to his bed and gave me a number of beautiful dreams.

Another picture of things I would have stolen from Tim's room if I had just a slight bit less respect for him and his shit. I see the DBSG poster I gave him. It's better off there seeing as I still don't have the room for it... even though it cost me half of my sanity and a month's worth of headaches to get.

And now babies! Just sleeping and chilling. Like babies do.

And then the boys woke up and it became like twice as cute~
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