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Idiots *scoff*

Ho boy, check this out.

My evil satanic brother sold / traded off my copy of Suikoden. This is added to the rather unfortunate list of bad things that happen to my favorite games... like. for example, three years ago I let my uncle borrow Suikoden II and the bastard lost it that very day... and never got me another copy... and my PS2 is quite literally burried in my back yard... so I cannot play Suikoden III... AND NOW I HAVE NO SUIKODEN! I cried this afternoon when I found out my brother made off with my game.

And it just goes to figure that this weekend was the weekend I decided to do all my OFG updating... and now what? Now I hate the series due to my aweful bad luck. But Lena sent my english Suikoden 4 screenshots so I'm... kinda happy... *sigh* Maybe I should just take a really long nap and hope for the best. Maybe I'll wake up and my PS2 will be sitting at the end of my bed... in perfect condition... or maybe my copy of Suikoden will be in my PSone... all ready to be played...


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