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I took 12 more baby pictures. Micky is getting so fluffy.
And my baby Ness is just a gem.
And Min is the sweetest little kitten angel.

Nessquatch and Micky. Look how floofy Micky is.

In case you forgot what Micky looked like at birth...

Yeah, big change there.

Up close with baby Min. He's such a little angel.

Ness and Micky again.

*Squishes* Oh, he's so cute. And so photogenic. He never blinks when the flash goes off.

Another one of Ness.

Nessquatch murder to the max. (Pun not intended <.<)

Mom, making sure I don't kill her kids with the camera.

The Fluff.

Group shot cuteness of epic proportions.

I wasn't choking her (not that she doesn't deserve it). I wanted to get a picture of the face she makes when you hold her from the front.

Micky refusing to play with Ness.

... and then falling asleep.

Ok, that's all. :)
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