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And now... kitties

11 more pictures of my little babies~

Micky is getting much darker now and all three have their eyes wide open.

First up is this adorable shot of Min in the box from last night. Or was it the night before? Charlotte took this one.

My beautiful Ness with his messed up hair. My mother wants me to mention that we also call him Sasquatch because he's crazy furry.

Sleeping Micky~ This might be a good time to mention that Micky is actually a girl...

Awake Micky~ Looking eeeviiiilll.

Ok, now onto the pictures I took this afternoon. First, half asleep Micky.

Playing with Ness.

Vanness rolling around on the bed. The black is my leg.

And now my hand gets involved. I love my baby Ness.

Min looking kind of drugged.

Ness was still rolling around so I got this shot of him hiding his face. Oh, the cuteness.

And one last one of Micky to wrap it all up.
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