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Ok, someone doesn't know the rule about tagging Liz. *Points at each of you in turn* I have enough shit to do without your god damned memes.

... Lucky for you guys this is a cool one and I'm not really mad. *Points at each of you again* But heed my god damned warning, douchebags. If anyone even thinks of tagging me with a survey or a mother fucking list or something... death to all of you.

And defriending.

Get it?

Explain your LJ name and its meaning. When you're done, tag as many people as there are letters in your name.

oulan: Since about the year 2000 I've been going by the name "Oulan" on the eweb. I don't even remember what it was before that. Probably something to do with my boys. Anyway, the reason I decided this was the alias for Liz was because I was (am?) absolutely obsessed with the Suikoden video game series. Given, there were only two games at that point... oh well. Moving on. There's this one female character in Suikoden II, name was, couldn't you guess it, Oulan. She was butch. She was tough. She kicked a lot of ass. But most importantly, she had red hair. She's like, my hero. My video game hero. And so the name stuck.

An image:

As for tagging, your meme can shove it out your rear end. Tagging is the fucking devil. If anyone wants to do this, they can.
Tags: gambling fish, memeish tendencies
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