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I am deeply concerned with what is going on with Super Juniors hair.

I'm no expert on hair... but this doesn't looks right.
I've tried to write it off as them being sweaty... but... you guys... Han Kyoung cut it off. You know who he looks like now? Y04 of H.I.M and dude... that is so not cool. Here's a picture of Y04.
This concerns Liz.
And yeah, ok, Yeh Sung needed a fucking haircut... but why that haircut?

Except Kang In, you guys. That man has turned into a drop dead fox. Image evidence.

And great mother fucking god, someone needs to take a fucking buzzer to Hyuk Jae's head. His hair has become it's own being. More picture proof.

Something horrible is about to go down.
The Super Junior fandom is on the verge of being plunged into a world of darkness and bad hair.
Heed my warning.
It's happening.
Tags: imagery, ok we can!, trufax
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