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New Baby Pictures

Finally got batteries for the camera so I could take new pictures.
And I took 12 of them.

My baby Ness and Min is wandering off in the back. You can also see portions of Steph.

Group shot. I don't know what Min is doing. Look how dark Micky is getting.

Another shot of Micky.

Min. And Micky's ass. The black spot on Min's nose wasn't there when he was born. Both of the orange kittens are showing signs of darkening ears, nose and tail... like they think they're siamese like Micky.

Vanness and Micky.

I take a lot of pictures of Vanness.

Oh, look, another one.

Min chilling out with Steph. Tired babies.

Micky, Min and Steph. I told her I would blur her out, but then she said she didn't care.

Another one of Ness.

Obligatory mom shot.

The end.
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