Liz, yo (oulan) wrote,
Liz, yo

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Memories of Awesome

Ima take a minute to quote myself:

"Anyway, I think its wicked healthy for a person of my obviously high-standard Suikoden standings to play another game every once and a while. (Yeah that sounded arrogant as all Shirley... but I liked the big words...). I mean... Even the most devoted Suikoden fan is hoping Gremio dies at some points... and crying over him AGAIN at others... and don't even get me started on Jowy's low points."

So I've been playing Beyond the Beyond lately. I think it's high time I beat that mother fucker. Reminds me of a really cheap Suikoden with less characters and worse graphics... if anyone thinks that's possible.

Argh! Had to remind myself of the work I plan to do this weekend... *goes off to finish the preperations.*
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