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Rant and Meme

First, a small thing that angers me about people: If you can't open .rar files because you don't have winrar... don't you think the logical solution would be to... get... winrar? Yeah.

Ok and now for an old meme I was thinking about while driving today. I was like "Hey, self, do you remember that meme you did like a year and a half ago where you uload all those songs and make people listen to your shit?" and then I was like "Yeah..." and then I was like "Yeah, you should do it again..."

So here goes...

1. Go through your music (all of it) and pick out 26 different artists, each beginning with a different letter of the alphabet A-Z.
2. Upload a song by each one to your file host of choice (YSI, MU, RS, etc...)
3. Post them in your journal so your friends can download them and enjoy.
4. Tell everyone on your friends list to do it, too.

You guys don't have to do it. It takes a long fucking time. But if you want to, go ahead.

A. A3 - Too Sick To Pray (E)
B. Bada - Be Mine Tonight (K)
C. Clazziquai - Be My Love (English Ver. - House Remix) (K)
D. Dir en grey - The Final (J)
E. Electric Six - Danger High Voltage (E)
F. Foo Fighters - Everlong (E)
G. G.O.D. - Road (K)
H. Haha & Turbo - Jump The Black Cat (Remix) (K)
I. Izi - Wanna Be You (K)
J. JTL - C.I.D (K)
K. Kim Jong Kook & Epik High - December (2006 Remake) (K)
L. L'Arc~en~Ciel - Stay Away (J)
M. MC Sniper - Gloomy Sunday (K)
N. NRG - Pardon (K)
O. OneTwo - Khong Jjak (K)
P. Presidents of the United States of America - Peaches (E)
Q. Queen - Bicycle Race (E)
R. Replay - Adios mis... (K)
S. Shinnago - Because You Are Pretty (K)
T. Turbo - Cyber Lover (K)
U. UVERworld - Nitro (J)
V. Vendetta Red - Shatterday (E)
W. Wang Lee Hom - Zhai Na Yao Yuan De Di Fang (C)
X. XLarge - You (K)
Y. Yang Hyun Suk - Mooshi (K)
Z. Zaza - HwanSang (K)
Tags: memeish tendencies, the tunes
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