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Stupid bitch ripping all over my shit for no reason.

A few points:

1. I haven't spoken to this girl in over five months
2. The last time we spoke, she spent the whole time making fun of Koreans
3. I've never mentioned her graphics in any conversation with anyone, good or bad
4. I never brag about my graphics because I know they aren't that good

A grand quote from her:
(I'm Caged to her because that's the name I go by on her board)

"well caged pretty much took my place with kigan... i used to be close to kigan and now its caged who she talks to all the time, who she wants to visit, who she asks for stuff from. she doesnt do that with me. I dont like caged because she has fought with me before and she pushes it in my face the fact that she is BEST friends with kigan and im not. and she pushes her graphics in my face and has dissed mine plenty of times! and thats why i dont like the girl. she is lucky she is even on my forum and i havent banned her..because i hate her. but i let her stay"

And come to find, as of whenever all this went down, all the mods on her board have been removed, myself included. So... let me get this straight... I stand up for a friend on a board that belongs to a psycho bitch... without ever actually attacking said psycho bitch... and the psycho bitch gets to punish people by deleting them from the board and making up lies about me?

... Sounds like my mother.

PS: After wank... I made a banner:

Tags: cuntflaps, trufax
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