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oiamaio: /)o(\ i'm going to have a dabin written in my honor
oiamaio: kill me
Degac Creep: whu...
oiamaio: kill
oiamaio: me
oiamaio: please
oiamaio: if you really love me
oiamaio: if those <3's mean anything
oiamaio: do it
Degac Creep: what is dabin?
oiamaio: >> << dana x...
Degac Creep: wait
Degac Creep: no
Degac Creep: shut up
Degac Creep: I got it
oiamaio: :x
oiamaio: *types to get rid of it*
Degac Creep: too late but I got it
Degac Creep: I'm
Degac Creep: I hurt
Degac Creep: everywhere
Degac Creep: inside
Degac Creep: outside
oiamaio: ditto
oiamaio: i burn
Degac Creep: alternate universes
oiamaio: i want to kind of throw up
Degac Creep: I am just
Degac Creep: imploding, exploding and sideploding with rage, pain, anguish and betrayal
oiamaio: xD
oiamaio: betrayal?
oiamaio: 8D
Degac Creep: the world
Degac Creep: it has done me wrong
oiamaio: xD

How the fuck would someone sideplode? What the hell was I thinking?

PS, I finished my TaeTa.
Tags: the logs of chat
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