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It's like loving poop... you just can't love poop

AmyKaidoh01: omg....hehehe beautiful
Degac Creep: I am shameless with my Dana and Stephanie hate
Degac Creep: I don't call what I have with Bin hate... seeing as it's everyone's opinion
Degac Creep: so... I just call it natural
AmyKaidoh01: heheh...
Degac Creep: anyone who likes Bin has mental problems
Degac Creep: there should be a hospital dedicated to healing this problem
AmyKaidoh01: heheheh

And I will stand around with a whip and crack it on people who mention her name. I'm thinking of calling it something like "The 'Stop Being So Fucking Stupid' Institute For The Mentally and Criminally Insane".

Cause, dude... Bin fans are fucking mean. I got a PM from someone on Soompi saying I was betraying the entire H.O.T fandom by not supporting the "love" between Woo Hyuk and Bin. The fantard was like "You say you love Woo Hyuk more than your own uncle, but you won't support his choice of partner? Don't you want him happy?" And I'm sitting here like choking myself to death because Bin fans are not only mean, they're fucking stupid.

And god for-fucking-bid I say anything bad about her around one of them. They start listing all her "good" qualities like the good old "She's a good dancer because she's original" followed almost immediately by "Well she dances like everyone else because that's what's expected of her."


I sense some problems in the Bin "fandom". (Wait, can I even call it that?)
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