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The Sunshine and Coco Show : Episode I - Meeting Diru

"Get off the fucking shoe, god and christ you sick shit."

"Shut that child up! Just shut that fucking child up! I don't care if you have to shove a pinky up his ass, you shut that child up!"

Yeh, me and my sister are having a jolly good time this evening. Earlier on Audrey, there was a question about what I would do if I ever met Dir en Grey... and me and my sister came up with the perfect story. And now, without further ado, the story in its entirity:

Well, if it was the five of them all just like... standing there... ok, I need a situation. *Consults sister* Ok, like, if me and my sister were sunbathing on the beautiful coast of New Zealand and like, I sat up from my sunning to see the five guys like... buying a popsicle... like, one of them homemade cheap popsicles from some Mexican... I'd probably start the event with a doubletake. Then I'd probably slap my sister and ask her if she thought those five hotties were familiar and she'd probably slap me back, call my a mama's boy and say something like I only wish I thought they were familiar to have a reason to go over to talk to them. Then she'd make some crack-pot comment about how one of them looked rather femme and I'd be like "Oh really? Hot chick? Lets go over there!" Then we'd like, go over to the pop stand and make sure we brought a few nickles to buy a popsicle if things went down over there... like, some bad shit or something at the pop stand. Then we'd figure out that yeh, they were the members of Dir en Grey and she'd let out a uber groan of frustration but then I'd remind her of all those hot pictures I showed her of Kyo in the past and she'd start to drool and want a popsicle even more. Then I'd just kinda stand there, staring at Toshiya and hope that they don't notice that I'm being such a fag. Then my sister would be like, "Ay, Coco, isn't that the guy you have wet dreams about every night?" And I'd be like, "Listen here, Sunshine, sometimes I dream about Kaidoh!" and then the guys would get interested in our stupid conversation and they would invite us to play volleyball or something and then my sister would say, "Yeh, let's blow this pop stand" and we'd go play volleyball and then I'd be on Toshiya's team so I could "accidentally" run into him while trying to get the ball... then we'd all make hot beach love and then the Mexican pop stand guy would join us and give us free popsicles because we're so damn hot and... ok, I got a little carried away there... but that is seriously how it should go... I'm serious... seriously... fo' rehl.
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