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It's about time we got some Bin hate

Degac Creep: someone just requested Bin and Ivy on kpop_uploads
Degac Creep: *weeps for the world*
oiamaio: xD *pets* it'll be okay
oiamaio: 8D they'll hear it and run the other way screaming
Degac Creep: I hope so
Degac Creep: someone shared a shitty Bin video earlier too
oiamaio: isn't there only one?
Degac Creep: like hell if I know
oiamaio: *thinking of mv's* or did you mean another video?
Degac Creep: no
Degac Creep: it was an MV
Degac Creep: but I only knew of the one
oiamaio: yep. there's only one, then.
oiamaio: :o unless she came out with a new one that i'm unaware of. which is possible, as i don't pay attention to her. 8D
Degac Creep: I didn't even know she made music until someone mentioned it
Degac Creep: what a dirty skank
Degac Creep: I hate her
Degac Creep: I hate her
oiamaio: xD; *hugs*
Degac Creep: *so unhappy right now*
oiamaio: :o don't be unhappy
oiamaio: think of happier things
oiamaio: :D like snowflakes
oiamaio: and kittens
oiamaio: and woohyuk
oiamaio: 8D think of woohyuk's mr. happy
oiamaio: *flops*
Degac Creep: ... I was just like wtf are you talking about but now I'm like crazy happy
oiamaio: xD
Tags: cuntflaps, the logs of chat
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