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Spice Girls...

Words of warning: The talk about spice girl names happened... the actual subject matter we were discussing... didn't. Liz doesn't listen to Fighter. <.< And there certainly isn't a member of that group that she refers to as her "dream boat".

Degac Creep: what was I...
Degac Creep: oh
Degac Creep: fighter
Degac Creep: *goes back to that*
AmyKaidoh01: hehhehe
Degac Creep: oh right
Degac Creep: I was watching my dream boat move
AmyKaidoh01: hehe
Degac Creep: if he was a spice girl
Degac Creep: his name would be Vanity Spice
AmyKaidoh01: hehehe
Degac Creep: I do that a lot
Degac Creep: give random people spice girl names
Degac Creep: or wait no
Degac Creep: he'd be Vogue Spice
AmyKaidoh01: heheheheheh
Degac Creep: that way Kangta can be Vanity Spice
AmyKaidoh01: hehe awesomeness
Degac Creep: it makes more sense that way
Degac Creep: ... as much sense as it COULD make I guess

If I was a Spice Girl, my name would be... hmm... I'll actually have to think on that...

Amy would be Trying To Steal Liz's Dream Boat Spice.
It's long, but it fits.
Tags: the logs of chat, trufax
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