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A bit on icons

So amykaidoh01 and myself have been messing around with some icons lately. I've never really collaborated with anyone in regards to icons, but I feel they came out rather well. It works because I'm too fucking lazy to put together minimovie icons and she apparantly loves to make them... so... Just add a little Liz touch to the end and they're perfect.

Here's what we've come up with. First one was her original and the second is after I'm done with it.

// and then Liz happened //

// and then Liz happened //

So, overall I feel we make an excellent team.

Also, due to the recent Teuksex dreamlog, I felt the need to make myself yet another "Liz is awesome on LJ" icon.

It falls under the same thought as these, which showed up some months ago around here. Although they are not animated, they do express the Liz love and that is what I was going for.

Tags: imagery, shit i handle
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