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The Claim - Chapter 8

It's been over a week and for that I am sorry.

In case you are new or haven't been keeping up:
01 & 02 // 03 // 04 // 05 // 06 // 07

Chapter 8

"Try it like this," Kangta suggested, reaching around Tony from behind and adjusting the shorter man's hair. Tony looked into the mirror at Kangta and sighed. How could Kangta just wake up looking so flawless? It wasn't fair to every other man on the planet.

"I'm here!" Woo Hyuk called from the front room.

"In the bathroom!" Kangta called back.

In a few moments, Woo Hyuk was in the doorway, watching them try to make Tony's hair stay down.

"No, like this," Kangta insisted, moving the older man's hair again.

"Guh." Tony expressed his distaste in the adjustment, reaching up to push his hair back to where it had been.

"Fine, I won't help," Kangta informed him, walking out of the room.

Woo Hyuk smirked and stepped up behind Tony. "You look fine."

"Yeah? I have to look sensational if I plan to get lucky," Tony commented, eyeing Woo Hyuk by way of the mirror.

Woo Hyuk pouted slightly as he wrapped his arms around Tony's middle. "I see how it is."

"Don't whine. It's not attractive."

Woo Hyuk bent his head down slightly, kissing the side of Tony's neck, making sure to avoid the mark left by Hee Jun only days before.

Kangta reached the kitchen before realizing he'd forgotten his hair brush. With a defeated sigh, he started back down the hallway toward the bathroom. He froze in the doorway at the sight of the two men together. Holding his breath in fear of being heard, he began taking steps away from the room.

"Woah," Jae Won spoke, causing Kangta to jump. "Watch where you're going."

Kangta held his chest, breathing heavily, looking the new arrival over. "When did you get here?"

"Just now. Do you think he'll mind if I raid the kitchen?"

"Uhm..." Kangta started, trying to deal with way too much shock at once.

"How articulate of you," Jae Won commented before making his way into the next room and over to the fridge.

Kangta only watched as the taller man closed the fridge door and spotted a package of rolls on the table. In just seconds, he had the package torn open and half of the first roll devoured. "Are you obsessed with bread or something?"

"Or something," Jae Won smiled around the food.

"What are you doing!?" Tony demanded, walking into the kitchen.

"Eating," Jae Won returned, taking another bite.

"You couldn't wait for the party?" Kangta asked, taking Tony's side.

"No, he couldn't," Woo Hyuk answered for his friend. "He has this problem where he'll just do whatever he wants whenever he wants."

The three in the doorway only started in at Jae Won as he downed another roll.

"Well, hey," Woo Hyuk spoke up again. "We have to get going."

"Alright, alright," Jae Won sighed, grabbing another roll before walking past the other men and toward the door. "I'm driving."

"No, we're taking my car," Woo Hyuk informed him, turning to follow right on his friend's feet.

"I won't drive your car," Jae Won commented, opening the front door.

"I know, that's why I'm driving."

"You don't even know where the party is."

"We're not taking your piece of crap," Woo Hyuk said bluntly, stepping past Jae Won and out the door.

"What's wrong with my piece of crap?"

"It's a piece of crap."

"You're a piece of crap," Jae Won insulted, stepping out behind his friend and closing the door.

Kangta turned his face to Tony, who looked back at him, a matching shocked expression on his features. Tony shook his head and shrugged slightly, knowing as much about the pair as Kangta. After a few seconds, they decided they should probably follow the friends outside to make sure the fight hadn't turned physical.

Once outside, Tony turned to lock the door to his home, not really paying attention to the fighting friends.

"Girls," Kangta addressed the two. "Can we make a decision someday soon?"

"My car, I drive," Woo Hyuk said with finality, pulling his keys from his pocket.

"Fine," Jae Won agreed, defeated, moving to the passenger side door to get in.

"No," Woo Hyuk paused right outside his door. "In the back."

"I can't drive and I have to sit in the back? That's not cool, dude."

"Hoya," Woo Hyuk called. "Take the front seat before he throws another fit."

Tony obediently walked over to the car, smiling at Jae Won as he slipped past him. Kangta, laughing heartily, got into the back seat and waited for Jae Won to follow.

"This trip sucks," Jae Won grumbled, climbing in next to Kangta.


Leaning back against the counter casually, Kangta focused his sight on a dancing pair. Minutes after they had arrived, Woo Hyuk had dragged a rather reluctant Tony into the dancing crowd and spent over a half an hour instructing him in the art of dance. Now Tony moved against the practiced dancer with ease and the sight of the two of them together, Kangta found, was rather erotic.

He was finding it difficult to hide his disappointment in having lost Woo Hyuk to Tony. He hadn't worried about how much time the two were spending together because he was so sure Tony still had feelings for Hee Jun. Kangta sighed, looking down into his cup of soda. It also hurt somewhat that he didn't respect Tony much as the kind of person who could satisfy another man, and had still lost to him.

His eyes went back up to the pair to find them pressed right up against each other, moving to the music. A sudden change in song caused the two to move apart. He watched as Woo Hyuk leaned in and asked Tony a question, inaudible over the music and from that far away. Tony smiled and nodded, then Woo Hyuk turned and moved away, leaving him standing alone. Tony's eyes wandered around for a few moments before spotting Kangta.

Kangta lowered his eyes again to his cup, trying to compose himself.

"Hey," Tony greeted, breathing heavily, moving to stand beside Kangta.

"Where'd he go?"

"Needed to go to the car for a second," Tony informed him, looking around again. "Where's Jae Won?"

"He went into the back room not that long ago. Tried to take me with him, but I can only guess what goes on back there."

Tony snickered. "It can't be what you think."

"Why not?"

Tony leaned in a little closer to Kangta, smirking. "Woo Hyuk told me the other day that Jae Won is still a virgin."

"Really? Jae Won told me he'd lost his virginity to a man."

Tony hesitated in his response. "What?"

Kangta grinned. "Yeah, when you guys left to dance. We started talking about lovers. I told him about my first time and he shared as well. I guess the guy he was with was a real treat."

"I don't get it. He hates the thought of being gay."

"Yeah, I can tell. That's probably why. The poor man was most likely damaged by the experience."

"Why would Woo Hyuk lie, though?"

"Maybe he doesn't know."

Tony thought that over for a bit. Yes, it was possible that Woo Hyuk didn't know everything about their tall friend, but that was a rather large secret for Jae Won to keep inside. And why would Jae Won just come out and tell Kangta like that if Woo Hyuk didn't even know? It just didn't make sense.

Kangta let his mind wander for a second. "You and Woo Hyuk... Have you guys...?"

"Have we what?" Tony asked, leaning closer so he could hear over the music.

Kangta cleared his throat. "You know, have you..."

"Oh have we slept together?"

Kangta blinked at how forward the other man was. "Uh, yeah. Exactly that."


Kangta nodded, accepting that answer.

"I know you liked him," Tony said sadly, surpising Kangta again. "I didn't mean for it to happen. I'm sorry."

"Naw, don't be sorry. I lucked out, that's all. I mean, I can't always win."

"But does it always have to be about winning and losing?" Tony inquired thoughtfully.

"To me it does," Kangta answered, offering the other man a smile. "I just don't know how else to see it."

"Well what if it works out and you end up with someone even better? Wouldn't you have won?"

"The war, but not this battle, my friend."

"Look, I'm ready to blow," Jae Won announced, slumping down on the counter on the other side of Kangta.

"Blow?" Kangta questioned, turning his attention to the new arrival.

"As in 'this popsicle stand'," Jae Won grumbled. "I say we go get something to eat."

"Great, let's stop by a bakery," Kangta suggested, sarcasm dripping from his words.

"Very funny," Jae Won forced a laugh. "No, that's fucking hilarious."

"Look, if you want to..."

"What did I miss?" Woo Hyuk asked as he approached the group.

"Jae wants to leave," Kangta announced, turning his attention now to Woo Hyuk.

"To get something to eat?" Woo Hyuk inquired with a grin.

"Man thinks like I do," Jae Won's voice mumbled from behind Kangta.

"Well that's two votes," Woo Hyuk held his hand up. "Tony? Kangta?"

The two remaining men looked at each other in thought for the second time that evening before sighing in defeat. "Fine," Kangta groaned, setting his cup down on the counter. "But I don't want to sit in the back with him again."

"Alright, Jae, you drive," Woo Hyuk ordered, tossing his keys to the taller man. He looked back to Kangta and grinned. "You can sit in the front with him."

With a scoff, Kangta grabbed his jacket from a chair nearby and started for the door. Jae Won soon followed after him, rubbing his eyes as he did so. When Woo Hyuk turned to go, Tony reached out and grabbed his arm gently. "What did you go to the car for?"

Woo Hyuk turned again, smiling. "I'll have to tell you later. Come on." He held his free hand out for Tony to take, and as soon as the younger man did, Woo Hyuk started leading him toward the exit.


"Oh look!" Kangta expressed, looking out his window at passing buildings. "That place makes the best wheat rolls."

"You're mocking me," Jae Won observed with a nod.

"What? Me? Naw. I could never!" Kangta objected sarcastically. "In fact, I'm hurt that you would even think that."

Jae Won looked up into his rear view mirror at Woo Hyuk, who was smirking at him. "I'm going to crash the passenger side of this vehicle into a telephone pole. I suggest you move to the other side."

Woo Hyuk laughed. "Don't crash my car." He looked back out the window beside him and his expression dropped. "Jae Won, stop for a second."

Tony perked up as the car pulled to the side of the road.

Woo Hyuk opened the door and got out, leaning back in for a moment. "It's just down the road, I'll meet you there."

"Alright," Jae Won agreed. "But don't get into any fights without me."

"Wouldn't dream of it," Woo Hyuk agreed with a smile. He took a step away from the car as it pulled out and continued down the street.

After waiting a few moments, Woo Hyuk turned and started walking the other way, passing by three stores before reaching a wide alley. And there, at the mouth of the opening, was Hee Jun. "Can I talk to you?" Woo Hyuk asked.

Hee Jun looked up slowly and smirked. "I'm on my break. If you want to pick a fight, I suggest you do it at a time where I won't lose my job if I'm late."

"I don't want to pick a fight," Woo Hyuk informed the other man with a smile.

"Fine," Hee Jun agreed. "What do you want?"

"How does it feel?"


Woo Hyuk smirked. "What you did that night at the party... would only have worked in your favor if you hadn't gotten off."


"He turned you on," Woo Hyuk laughed. "You realize that, don't you? He got you up and then got you off. You can't possibly think that you proved a point, can you?"

Hee Jun only stared at the other man, afraid to speak, and afraid of what would come out if he did.

Woo Hyuk laughed again. "You're so pathetic. If you're not gay, Hee Jun, then explain the mess you made." With another quick chuckle, Woo Hyuk turned out of the alleyway. "You think about that for a while."

"That's it, you little shit?" Hee Jun demanded, stepping out after him. "All you have is words?"

"I thought you didn't want a fight."

"I defiled your precious little angel, and all you can do it talk? If I were you, I'd have kicked my ass by now."

"So you do wish you had him for yourself," Woo Hyuk nodded. "I figured as much."

"What? No. You're putting words in my mouth."

"If you wanted him, you shouldn't have rejected him." Woo Hyuk looked down the nearly empty street and then back to Hee Jun. "I'm meeting friends. Have a good night." As he started to walk away, he heard Hee Jun grumbling something about him not knowing what he was talking about.

After he'd walked a good distance away, he looked back for a moment and saw Hee Jun had left. "Well, that went well," he expressed with a grin, turning the corner onto the next road.

When he arrived at the restaurant a few minutes later and found his friends easily. He slipped into the empty chair beside Tony and grinned. "Ok, I'm here."

Kangta and Jae Won were bickering about something to do with the rolls, as was becoming a usual thing between them. Tony leaned in toward Woo Hyuk. "What was that?" he whispered.

Woo Hyuk leaned in an equal distance, bringing their faces only inches apart. "Just spotted someone I recognized, that's all."

"Alright..." Tony said with a sigh, moving back to his seat. When Woo Hyuk didn't move from his position, Tony looked at him curiously. "What?"

Woo Hyuk smiled slightly and tipped his head to the side, not answering the other man.

Tony looked across the table at the other two for a moment before returning his eyes to the still unmoving Woo Hyuk. He leaned back down to further question him but as he was opening his mouth to speak, Woo Hyuk leaned up and laid a simple kiss on his lips then sat up completely, smirking.

With a smirk of his own, Tony returned to his seat. He shook his head slightly, and glanced at Woo Hyuk who only looked at him and laughed.
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