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Oh, the bitter hate

oiamaio: 8,D my pairings pass like the wind, anyway
Degac Creep: yeah, CinHae too I hope
Degac Creep: that one cuts me deep
oiamaio: :D;;
Degac Creep: real deep
oiamaio: er, that's of the few constants
oiamaio: i like the disney kid pairings
oiamaio: 8,D;
Degac Creep: like
Degac Creep: bone deep
Degac Creep: with a really dull knife
Degac Creep: no
Degac Creep: fuck knife
oiamaio: xD
Degac Creep: with a really dull tooth pick
oiamaio: 8,D
oiamaio: *dies*
Degac Creep: a USED really dull toothpick
oiamaio: *giggles madly*
Degac Creep: with like a fungus growing in the wood
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