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The Bum

Degac Creep: and this picture pretty much wins everything
Degac Creep: because of the smiley behind him
oiamaio: xD homg
oiamaio: it does
oiamaio: 8,D
oiamaio: *saves it*
oiamaio: my kibum collection is pathetic
Degac Creep: sooopah... jooneeyahhh.... *has to amuse self while clicking through all these folders to save these pictures*

Because thats the only chatlog safe to post here lately.
As I have been talking about not-so-safe-to-post things.

Been thinking about doing a new mood theme... a Korean boybands one... that will feature everyone... But I lack time and motivation. Someone remind me later.

To kigan06 and iryokuatae:
I need you guys' info for your new layouts. kigan06, you can send it to me on Audrey, like you usually do, and iryokuatae, you can drop whatever thoughts you have here or something.
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