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Ok... This hurts a little

So uhm... we might have a little problem here. I made the horrible mistake of trying to get someone else into H.O.T and while it didn't turn out to be a complete disaster on her part as it is so many times when I try... I have failed myself.

You see, I was unaware that a trade would be happening. I thought, "Oh hey, someone interested in H.O.T and she's not a total freak. That's awesome."

But today.

Something horrible happened.

Im a Torkdork: do you realise how long it's taken me to convert you?
Degac Creep: not converted
Degac Creep: I already liked him
Degac Creep: <.<
Degac Creep: no
Degac Creep: I was
Degac Creep: uhm
Im a Torkdork: you are converted and in love
Degac Creep: mildly attracted to that one
Im a Torkdork: you want to bang him
Degac Creep: kind of
Degac Creep: maybe a little bit of hot daydreaming
Degac Creep: but only a little
Im a Torkdork: you like jungmin and his sexy voice too
Degac Creep): no, you know what, none at all
Degac Creep: NO I DONT
Degac Creep: SHUT UP
Im a Torkdork: you do and you know it

I am losing the Liz vs SSballsforhire fight.


Ha ha, dude... balls for hire... *shakes head*
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