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Ok, it's time

We need to step away from the whole music scene for a second here so I can discuss my baby. My baby being the entire Suikoden series.


Suikoden V got here yesterday.

And I have only love for it. Unlike 4... which I can easily say I hated... passionately... If there was an orgy of hateful passion in the video game part of my brain, most of the participants would be characters from Suikoden 4. But, you know... moving on...

Like I said, only love. Given I've only played like five hours of it and keep wandering around for no reason whatsoever, I can say that I am in video game love with this game. I love love FUCKING LOVE how close the battle system is to that of Suikoden 2. The first battle I was thrown into set me ablaze with Suikogasms. I grew additional female parts just so I could have four Suikogasms at once. FOUR AT ONCE.

I have to admit, I didn't look into release info on the game too hard... because I figure that might be part of the reason I hated 4. I was obsessed with finding out shit about it. So no, I made a point to not know anything going into this one.

You guys, I'm in love with the main character. I haven't been this in love with a main character of these games since McDohl. Riou was poo. Hugo, Chris, Geddoe... they speak for themselves. Nash was a little punk shithead. Cyan? *Laughs quietly* Yeah... Cyan... *shakes head* But this guy. My god. Royaly, you say? Hot like fire? GIVE TO LIZ. I look forward to cut scenes just to look at him. It's sick, I know, but is it so wrong? No. No, it's not.

All the characters up to this point are completely badass (with the exceptions of the noble pigs who need to stop being pussies). Kyle? Badass. Gahleon? Badass. Ferid? Badass. Georg? Fucking badass. I layed eyes on Georg and knew I loved him. And I hate knights. I can count all the knights I loved from these games on like one hand. Not including Dragon Knights, because all other knights cower like babies in comparison. So like... Camus, Miklotov... *pauses* ... *thinks* ... Wait, do Culgan and Seed count? Thrw them in there anyway because this list is kind of pathetic. Wait wait... Alen was pretty cool. Anyway, all the knights in this game kick ass. All of them. I love it.

I couldn't help myself. I looked up a list of characters that return. As with 3 and 4, I do wish the list were longer, but I am satisfied.

And because it's fun to make fun of the gay characters, Gizel needs someone to slap him around a little bit. It's like Snowe from 4... I layed eyes on him and knew I hated him. I am willing to kill him.... again, much like Snowe. I hope I'm not given the option during the recruitment process to kill... behead... that sort of thing. Cause I'll do it. Oh, I'll do it.

Looking forward to Killey. Also looking forward to them letting me have Kyle (hoping that there isn't some sort of Gremio thing with this one... I really just don't want to see another sexy long-haired blonde die). I love Kyle.

Ok, I'm going back to the game now.
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