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The Claim - Chapter 6

I started chapter 15 this morning, so I thought I'd post chapter 6 to celebrate.

A small note about this chapter: This is where the inspiration from my dream really started. Chapter 6 is easily the most fucked up of them all. And while, yes, the big dream inspiration was dropped because I really just don't have the stomach for that sort of thing (TonJun sex... BLEH), this chapter does deal with some iffy themes. Don't like iffy themes? Don't read it.

Also, this is the intro of my favorite character in this fic, Jae Won.

Chapter 6

'Your hair looks really nice like that,' Tony thought, his eyes wandering from the work in front of him to the blonde sitting at the desk by the door. From where he was laying out on Woo Hyuk's bed over a few of his school books, he had a number of perfect opportunities to just watch Woo Hyuk work on his own work at the desk. Tony smiled to himself again and returned his attention to the weekend homework Woo Hyuk had been so kind to pick up for him after Tony had run out of school the day before.

'Yesterday...' Tony thought. 'Yesterday I let him kiss me...' His mind, once again, wandered to Woo Hyuk's kiss. He sighed slightly and (admittedly) longingly. He had been so close to asking Woo Hyuk out. It just hadn't seemed right.

Just as he was pulling out another notebook to start the next assignment, Woo Hyuk's door slammed open. Tony's eyes immediately shot up to the intruder, a tall, dark-haired, big-headed being with full, pouty lips. "Good morning, Jae," Woo Hyuk greeted without looking up from the line he was writing.

"You haven't called me," the tall man accused in an angry tone despite the smile on his face.

"I've been busy," Woo Hyuk mumbled in a near-monotone, still concentrating on his work.

Jae Won's eyes wandered to the bed where Tony was laying. "So I see," he commented in a knowing, yet dangerous tone.

Woo Hyuk finally looked up and followed his old friend's eyes to where Tony was. "Oh, Jae, this is Seung Ho. Hoya, Jae Won," he introduced them with a wave of his hand.

"You know, I should have guessed that you'd ditch me for a boyfriend again," Jae Won said almost sadly.

"He's not my boyfriend," Woo Hyuk informed the taller man in an uninterested tone.

"Sure," Jae Won said with a whistle, deciding to change the subject after Woo Hyuk shot him a glare of warning. "Look, Woo Hyuk, the reason I dragged my ass all the way down here is to tell you there's a party tonight that I think you should really go to."

"You couldn't call?"

"I tried. I think your parents blocked my number again."

"So what's so great about this party?"

"Women, Woo Hyuk, women."

"Not interested."

"I'm trying to cure you of your problem, man. Now don't give me that look. I'm sure the heterosexual Woo Hyuk is still in there somewhere. He just needs a nice set of..." he was cut off by Tony clearing his throat just as the tall man started using his hands to enhance the visuals he was trying to drill into his friend's head. Jae Won dropped his hands and smirked. "Not your boyfriend, you said?"

"That's right," Woo Hyuk answered, still presenting the same casual tone.

"Then what's his deal? Is he gay, too?"

"Another hit on the head," Woo Hyuk announced in feigned celebration.

Jae Won snorted. "Pity. I know this chick who'd be all over him."

"Is that all you wanted?" Woo Hyuk asked, growing louder.

"What is so wrong about wanting to spend some quality time with my best friend in the whole world?"

"Well..." Woo Hyuk started, closing his book and turning to face the younger man. "For starters, there is nobody downstairs to let you into the house. That means you broke in. Second, as if you couldn't notice, I have company over already. And third, I'm trying to get my work done for class."

Jae Won looked at his friend as if he'd just tried to speak to him in French. "Since when do you care about schoolwork?"

"Since the ninth grade," Woo Hyuk informed him, pinching the bridge of his nose in pain.

"Well, look," Jae Won changed the subject, pulling a flyer out of his jacket and placing it down on the desk Woo Hyuk was at. "It's at the old school. Plenty of girls, yes, but there's bound to be a handful of people like you. Bring your boyfriend. Whatever. Just show up."

"Nice of you to ask," Woo Hyuk said sarcastically, looking down at the piece of paper as Jae Won retreated to the door.

"I know, right?" Jae Won added with a grin.

"Lee Jae Won!" Woo Hyuk's mother shrieked from just outside the door. "I thought that was your car out front."

"Good morning Mrs. Jang," Jae Won greeted, sappy and sweet.

"How many times do I have to tell you to go away before I need to call the police?"

"As many times as you want. I'll still show up here. You know that" Jae Won replied with a smile.

"And Woo Hyuk! You know the rules! How could you let him in?"

"I didn't," Woo Hyuk defended, looking back to his schoolwork. "He probably got in through the loose kitchen window again."

Jae Won nodded when her attention was back on the tall man. "You should really get that fixed."

She sighed, looking over the where Tony lay. "Tony, dear, why don't you come downstairs and help me with lunch while these two... reminisce."

Tony smiled and rolled off the bed into a stand. He gave Jae Won one last glance before leaving the room and following Woo Hyuk's mother down the stairs.

After what seemed like a full twenty minutes of helping in the kitchen, Tony was ready to slit his wrists with the knife he was holding. Every other line out of the woman's mouth was something to do with sexual precautions, STDs, and the rare and strategically dropped sex tips.

"Oh, drat!" she yelled finally, dropping her knife. "I have to run to the store. Make sure nobody comes in here and eats any of this while I'm out. I'll only be gone for ten minutes. Just... wait here." She grabbed her keys and rushed out the door, cursing the entire way out.

Tony turned and slumped forward on a portion of the unused table, thanking every god ever thought up that he was allowed a short break from that woman's torture.

It was about two minutes into his wait when he felt a pair of warm hands rubbing his shoulders. "How bad was it?" Woo Hyuk's voice asked from not that far behind him.

"Well," Tony began, pushing away from the table enough to turn around to face the other man. "She managed to let me know about every STD known to man, all of the dangers of using wrongly sized or malfunctioning condoms, and how to give a perfect blow job. You missed a bang up lecture, my friend."

Woo Hyuk's eyebrows raised slightly as a smirk came to his face. "A perfect blow job? Nice. See? I knew you'd learn something this weekend."

"Yeah," Tony rolled his eyes. "How to be ten times gayer than you thought you were in five simple steps."

"Well your first boyfriend is going to be really surprised with that perfect blow job. Tell me he isn't."

Tony laughed slightly, looking away from his friend's gaze. "Maybe."

"You're always so nervous," Woo Hyuk observed, moving in toward the other man. "Do you want to go to a party with me?"

Tony looked up at the older man with a small smile. "I don't know. That guy, your friend, he was kinda..."

"Oh, don't worry about Jae. He's mostly talk. He's still a virgin and actually very shy. What you saw up there was the front he's created for himself so he doesn't look weak. He's actually... well; he's a lot like you."

"Like me?"

"Yeah, cute, sweet and innocent."

Tony turned a nice, dark shade of red, laughing nervously. "You don't have to say things like that..."

"Oh, but it's so much fun," Woo Hyuk smirked, pulling the other man closer to himself by the front of his pants. He laughed slightly when Tony squirmed where he stood, obviously not used to being manhandled. "So will you come with me?"

"I don’t..."

"Come on. I'll let you call it a date."

"A... a... date?"

"I don't see why not. I like you. You like me. I mean, we've already kissed. What's left to do but actually go out?"

"Oh... uh..." Tony started to mumble, unsure of what to say.

"Let me ask you something. Have you thought of Hee Jun at all this morning?"

Tony thought for a moment before shaking his head. He hadn't. As surprising as it was, he hadn't thought of Hee Jun once.

"Then what's stopping you? Really. What do you have to lose?"

'Your friendship...' "Nothing... really... it's just..."

"You'll be the first to turn me down if you do," Woo Hyuk added with a smile.

Tony looked up at the other man sadly. "Is this what you wanted from the start? That day I bumped into you on the way home... Were you planning this since then?"

"No," Woo Hyuk answered. "No, I swear to you, I had absolutely no intentions of kissing you, let alone asking you out."

Tony seemed to consider this. With a sigh, he nodded. "You're right, I do like you."

"Well then come on," Woo Hyuk laughed. "We'll go to the party. You'll meet some of my old friends. We'll drink, dance, and have a..."

"Wait, wait... dance?" Tony asked, looking sick.

"Hell yeah, dance. Dancing is like... my life."

"I didn't know that."

"You don't dance?"

"Hee Jun wasn't all that big on parties and dancing," Tony admitted. "And we always did everything together."

"That's alright. You wouldn't be the first guy I've made dance with me. But you'll go, right? I already told Jae that I'd go and I don't want to go out there alone. Please."

Tony looked the other man up and down once, a small smile forming on his lips. "You don't have to beg. I'll go."

"Thank you, thank you," Woo Hyuk jumped, pulling Tony into a quick hug, planting a small kiss on his cheek as he did so. "We're going to have so much fun!"

"Hey hey, boys," his mother interrupted, walking in with a shopping bag. "I told you to do that after we all fell asleep."

"Mom, we're not doing anything," Woo Hyuk insisted, rolling his eyes.

"Right, just remember that I..."

"Mom, I know," Woo Hyuk cut her off, grabbing Tony by the hand and walking out of the room with him.

"Thank you for your help, Tony!" she called after them.

"Anytime!" he called back as Woo Hyuk led him back up the stairs.


"Ok, now... Hoya, look at me," Woo Hyuk instructed, turning Tony to face him. "The kids I used to go to school with aren't the kind you're used to. They're... a bit more rugged. They may say some vulgar things to you. Just laugh along with them, ok?"

Tony nodded, fixing his shirt a bit. "Yeah, sure."

Woo Hyuk looked up at the dark school looming before them. "And remember that you don't have to talk to anyone if you don't want to."


"Alright... let's go," Woo Hyuk took a deep breath and started for a side door, Tony holding tightly to his arm.

They passed through the open door into what looked like a lower hall within the school. There were a few students sitting here and there along the hall, slightly frightening in the limited lighting. Within seconds, they were back outside in a large courtyard full of students and their guests, a bonfire going in the center.

"The school lets them do this?" Tony asked, pulling in closer to the older man.

"Twice a year," Woo Hyuk informed him. "As part of school events, the faculty clears out for the night. The students just have to promise not to bring the festivities into the school."

"Our school would never let us do this."

Woo Hyuk laughed. "I know. This is definitely one thing I'll miss about this place."

"Woo Hyuk!?" a female voice screeched from somewhere to the left and Tony felt the other man pulled from his grip. He didn't have much time to react, as he, too, was pulled away to one of the sides.

"Well, well," an all too familiar voice greeted. "I definitely didn't expect to see you here."

"Hee Jun..."

"Your friend was extremely rude to me last night. All I wanted to do was talk to you."

"Hee Jun, please let go of my arm. I don't want to see you tonight."

"What? I thought you said you loved me."

"I don't, now let go."

"Oh, did your new friend try to convince you of that?"

"No. It was you. You're just cruel."

"And here I was ready to give you a small gift."


"Come with me."

"I really... I can't," Tony insisted, trying to pry Hee Jun's fingers from his arm. "Please let go. Please," he started to beg, pulling back and away from the other man.

"Stop being a baby, and just come with me." With one last yank, Hee Jun tossed Tony into a rather secluded area of the party. Ten or so feet to his left, Tony witnessed a particularly odd looking couple in the midst of what looked to be intercourse. "See? Was that so hard?"

"I can't be here. I have to..."

Hee Jun brought his hand up and hit Tony across the face. "Shut up. What I say goes, do you understand me?" Tony nodded weakly, bringing a shaking hand to his face where he'd been hit. "Now, be a good little bitch and get on your knees."


"You heard me," Hee Jun yelled, shoving Tony back against the wall.

"No... Hee Jun..."

With a quick kick, Hee Jun knocked one leg out from under Tony, sending him down on one knee. "Good."

Woo Hyuk whipped his head around from where he'd been standing, only then realizing that Tony was gone. 'How long ago was that? Five minutes? Eight minutes? Shit...' "That blonde I came in with..." he started, looking back to the girl that pulled him away.”Did you see where he went?"

"Yeah, he went that way," she smiled, pointing to a shadowed area by the western wall.

"Thanks," Woo Hyuk mumbled, growing scared because he knew what happened in that particular area of the party. He started stalking in that direction, glancing at all the faces he passed, ignoring countless calls of his name. 'Why would he go over here? Even people who've never been here before can guess...'

As he approached the far wall, a familiar face passed him, causing him to turn and look after the man. Hee Jun. Smiling.

He turned back to the wall and started in, looking but not looking at the various tasteless displays of affection. Finally, he found a sitting figure about halfway down the distance of the wall. They were seated against the stone with their knees brought up to their chest; arms lying limp by their sides. He didn't need to see the person's face to know it was Tony.

"Hoya?" he whispered, kneeling beside the downed man.

Tony shook his head, keeping it leaning down on his bent knees.

"Are you alright?"

He shook his head again.

"Are you crying?" Woo Hyuk asked, a level of urgency rising in his tone.

He watched as Tony's head shook a final time before reaching out and touching the other man's shoulder. Tony immediately flinched away from the touch, toppling over to the ground beside him.

"Oh my god, what happened!?" Woo Hyuk demanded, pulling Tony up and inspecting his face. "What is...?" he didn't have to finish his question to know exactly what the substance on the younger man's shirt was. "Oh god. Did Hee Jun do this?"

Tony didn't answer, not even with a shake or nod of the head. He was far too ashamed. "I'm sorry," Tony rasped. "I tried to say no. I really did. I'm just... weak..."

"I'm sorry I brought you here. Come on... I'll take you back home," Woo Hyuk suggested, helping Tony to his feet. He wasn't surprised to find Tony limping. "I'm gonna fucking kill that kid," Woo Hyuk cussed, leading Tony away from the wall and out of the gathering.

They ran into Jae Won just outside the door. He seemed to have just arrived. "Where are you going, man? Woah... hey... what happened to the boyfriend?"

"It's a long story."

"Wait here. I'll go get my car."

Woo Hyuk nodded, a bit out of breath from carrying Tony all the way out there. After only moments, Jae Won had pulled around next to them in his ancient machine he liked to call a car. It took longer than expected to get both Tony and Woo Hyuk into the back seat and for the beast of a car to get moving.

Jae Won looked into his rear view mirror at the two in the back seat. "So what happened?"

"Just get us to my house. I'll tell you there," Woo Hyuk stated. "I don't quite understand it all myself just yet... So just... go to my house."

"What about your mother?"

"She's not home. She went out with the other two to some benefit dinner."

"That's what I love about your family... they're never home."

"Just drive, man. Watch the road and get us the hell out of here."
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