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Some rants and some love

Ok, first of all, I think it's time I revive the age-old "link that makes you wonder if I'm talking about you". If you have to think about whether it's directed at you or not, then it probably is.

Click it. It will do you a world of good.
Note: This does not apply to lengthy posts talking about your day or a trip or whatever. Have a ball with those. This is for giant memes, tests, and other retarded shit I don't need to see in the first place. Call me old fashioned, but I like the layout I slaved on for hours to stay the size I made it, and not get stretched by your bullshit.

Moving on. A small rant.
(This is not directed at anyone currently on my friends list)

Put a god-damned userinfo link on your mother fucking layout. How in the fuck am I supposed to friend your journal or join your community when all I have is your journal page. Yes, I could definately copy your journal's name, go to any other userinfo page, plug your name in the url and hit enter. I could. But why the fuck should I have to? You actually have to not put it in... or fucking take it out! You had to have thought about the userinfo link at one point in the construction of your fucking layout. But you decided to leave it out anyway! WHY!? It's just stupid. So, I repeat. Put a god-damned userinfo link on your mother fucking layout.

Alright, and moving on to the last thing I wish to bring up.

Korean celebrities should not take pictures with signs. Why? Because when Liz gets her hands on them, she only has one thing on her mind:

And I believe we all remember the Haha one:

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