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A short entry? What?

kekekeke~ <--

Oh, I had a ball this morning with that, let me tell you.

This entry was really short.
I hope you aren't sad.

Oh, right, I remember there was something else I wanted to talk about.

God knows I love Hyuk Jae... you know, far more than I, as a rabid Woo Hyuk fan who hates Yunho for copying him, should. I mean, just check out my userinfo. The fact remains that I greatly appreciate Hyuk Jae. But there is no way in hell I'm gonna let you Hyuk Jae fans get away with calling him "Hyukkie". No. No, there is just no possible way. Some time ago someone (though I don't recall who) tried calling Jong Hyuk of Click-B "Hyukkie" and I put a stop to that pretty fucking fast, trust me. The day you can hand me a song that clearly directs the nickname "Hyukkie" to Hyuk Jae, he can have that nickname. Until then, shut up and listen to We Are The Future a few times.

And you might be like "Well they can both have that nickname" and I would reply with "Shut up, you're stupid. If you insist on calling Hyuk Jae "Hyukkie", just don't do it around me."

A-thank you.
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