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The Claim - Chapter 5

Yeah, it took a while to get out. So sue me.

Chapter 5

"Seung Ho!" the pretty nurse greeted, taking his back pack and tossing it to the couch. "I hope you like chicken. I made like... three."

"Whole chickens?" Tony asked, shocked by the very thought.

"Yeah. Hyukkie here could eat one all by himself."

Tony looked to his friend who merely shrugged. "I like to eat."

"Is this him?" a near-shrieking female voice sounded from the kitchen's doorway. An older woman approached him, embracing him in a tight hug. "The one all those kids are mean to? Oh, you two were right. He's too cute for words."

"Mom," both children whined, causing Tony to smile.

"He's almost an adult, mom," Woo Hyuk informed her.

"He'll be graduating this year," the nurse added.

"Well I'll be," their mother said in mild shock. "You don't look a day over fourteen. Might be too young for our Hyukkie," she teased, pinching her son's cheek.

"Mom, we're not..."

"Of course you're not," she spoke as though talking to a baby, clearly not believing Woo Hyuk. "Don't you worry, Seung Ho, we're not close-minded here. I just don't want to walk in on you two..." She trailed off, clearing her throat. "All I'm saying is wait until everyone's asleep."

"What...?" Tony started.

"Mom!" Woo Hyuk objected simply. "I am not sleeping with him."

"Oh," she sighed lovingly, petting her son's face. She nodded knowingly. "Woo Hyuk; let's not start the evening off trying to fool ourselves. We all know how you can..."

"Dinner!" a male voice called from the doorway, clearly cutting his wife off on purpose. "Dinner, for the love of god, dinner. Butts in kitchen. Family eats."

Tony moved to the side slightly as Woo Hyuk pushed past him, desperate to get out of that situation. "I'm not really..."

"Of course you're hungry," Woo Hyuk's mother insisted, starting to push Tony toward the kitchen. "Growing young men must eat."

Tony was hustled into the next room and forced into a chair beside Woo Hyuk, who had his face hung, looking away from his family. "Oh, don't be that way, Hyukkie," his sister commented, sitting down at the end of the table in the seat next to Tony. "Think of where she's coming from. Your reputation as a..." she trailed off as her eyes met Tony's curious orbs. "Never mind."

Tony glanced over at his friend as the two remaining adults took their seats across from the pair. In a matter of seconds, Tony found his plate full, food nearly running off the edges. There was no way in hell he could eat that much. Another glance at Woo Hyuk found the older man already drowning his embarrassment in food.

"So, Seung Ho," Woo Hyuk's mother started, swallowing her mouth of food. "I understand you've had some relationship problems."

Tony's eyes went to Woo Hyuk, who was still avoiding his gaze and then to the nurse who smiled. "There are no secrets in this house, kid."

"Not... not exactly..." Tony said softly in response to the previous comment.

"What do you mean?" the older woman asked.

"There was no real relationship so there couldn't actually be... relationship problems..." Tony informed her logically.

"I don't know what that boy's problem is," the mother went on. "You seem like a perfectly sweet young man. Well, all the better for our Woo Hyuk, then."

"Mom," Woo Hyuk whined, hiding his face in embarrassment again.

"What?" his father cut in. "I've never seen you so shy before, Woo Hyuk. Not with any of the boys you've brought home."

Tony was beginning to think that they weren't just teasing Woo Hyuk. Maybe the other man really was a playboy of epic proportions. He laughed slightly, causing the other man to flash him a quick glance. "What?" Woo Hyuk demanded in a harsh whisper.

Tony waited until the other three family members started arguing over one of the food items before turning back to Woo Hyuk. "You didn't tell me you were a playboy."

"I'm not," Woo Hyuk insisted, starting to eat again.

"Well, they seem to think you are."

"Ever since I told them I was gay they think every guy I ask over is my new boyfriend. It gets tiring."

"Sure," Tony said simply, making it clear he didn't believe him. "If that was your intention from the start, you could have just told me."

"Not you, too," Woo Hyuk whined. "You can't believe them. They're psycho."

Tony chuckled again. "I'm only messing with you," he said softly.

Woo Hyuk grinned after a long pause. "I'll get you back."

"I know."

"Don't be too loud about it," Woo Hyuk's mother put in, clearly having been listening to at least the last few lines of their conversation.

"Mom!" Woo Hyuk yelled, looking at his mother. "Give it a rest already."

"Aww, he's blushing," his sister teased.

Woo Hyuk slid his chair back and stood from the table, giving the members of his family dark looks of seething hate. "I'll be in my room." He pulled on the shoulder of Tony's shirt, silently commanding the younger man to follow. Tony smiled slightly to the others at the table, thanking them for dinner, even though he hadn't actually eaten anything, and stood to follow his friend.

Halfway up the stairs, Woo Hyuk's mother's voice called from the kitchen. "Hyukkie, there're condoms in the top drawer of your dresser!"

Woo Hyuk ignored that comment, storming the rest of the way up the stairs and throwing his door open. Tony had barely enough time to slip into the room before the door was slammed shut once again. Woo Hyuk paced about the room for a few moments, then, laying eyes on his dresser, pulled the top drawer open and looked in. "Holy shit..."

"What?" Tony asked, walking up behind the other man and looking into the drawer. "Woah."

"How many does she think I need?" Woo Hyuk asked in mild shock at finding most of the rather large drawer cleaned out to accommodate the gift from his mother.

"I think she got every kind under the sun," Tony commented, reaching over the other man's shoulder and pulling one out. "Glow in the dark... That's fun..."

Woo Hyuk laughed slightly taking the object out of his friend's hand and dropping it back onto the pile. "Or creepy."

"I guess I wouldn't know."

"Actually, neither would I. I'm just imagining..." he trailed off, deciding not to finish that statement.

"How many boyfriends have you actually brought over?" Tony inquired as Woo Hyuk pushed the drawer shut once more.

"A handful. Not that they'd know the difference between a boyfriend and just a guy friend... They just think all my friends are gay and sleeping with me... like I'm some sort of cheap, desperate whore."

"Well it's because you're gorgeous. They must see how guys... and girls... look at you."

Woo Hyuk smirked. "I'm gorgeous, am I?"

"What? You call me cute. I know I'm cute. I'm just being honest. You must know how gorgeous you are."

"Are you coming on to me?"

"What? No," Tony defended quickly. "Dude, no."

Woo Hyuk's smirk widened as he settled down on his bed. "Uh huh. Well, I'm not going to say you're lying. I am hot as shit."

Tony sank into the chair at Woo Hyuk's desk. "I don't know... I've only ever been attracted to one guy. It's kinda new to me... and a bit embarrassing... to admit if I find a man attractive."

"It's fine," Woo Hyuk shrugged simply. "I'm not going to kill you for finding me attractive. Honestly, like I've said, you're adorable. I 'm not mad, because I'm guilty, too."

"Adorable? Great," Tony rolled his eyes with a grin.

"Don't be picky. Attention is attention."

"Yeah, yeah..." A knock on the door interrupted their already pointless conversation. A few moments later, Woo Hyuk's mother poked her head in.

"Mom, what if I was naked?" Woo Hyuk asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Honestly, I expected you to be. I mean, you've been up here a whole of ten minutes. Anyway, I wanted to let you know that your father just received a call from work and he and I need to run two towns over for the night. We'll be back by tomorrow afternoon, so don't get into too much trouble. Your sister will be here, so keep it down.... whatever it is you guys decide to do. And, Seung Ho, make sure you call your mother in the morning if you plan to spend tomorrow here."

Tony nodded. "Actually... it's Tony."


"Everyone calls me Tony."

"Alright, Tony," she smiled. "Behave yourselves, boys. And Woo Hyuk," she paused until her son looked up from his scowl. She pointed at his dresser with a nod then stepped out of the room.

"That woman... I swear to god..." Woo Hyuk sighed.

"At least she cares. I mean, you can tell she at least pays attention to your life."

"Your mother doesn't?"

"It's not that she's a bad parent... She just has to work a lot harder than most. I don't blame her for anything."

"Well, that's good. But for once I'd like it if..." Another interruption, this time by the phone. Woo Hyuk groaned, reaching over to his bedside table and picking the phone up. "This had better be important." He paused, listening. His eyes went to Tony and asked, "Who is this?" After another moment. "You have no right to call here. Don't do it again." Tony watched as Woo Hyuk's jaw worked circles as he listened. "I don't care what you have to say. Just don't call here." He then dropped the phone back into the base and slumped back onto his mattress.

"Who was it?"

"Hee Jun."

"What? What did he want? Did he want to talk to me? What did he say?" Tony perked up.

Woo Hyuk leaned up and looked at his friend as though he'd said something offensive. "Hoya, he beat the shit out of you today. Are you really interested in what he had to say?"

Tony swallowed. "Maybe."

Woo Hyuk groaned again, pulling himself up from the bed. "Get a hold of yourself. He's just trying to make your life harder. You know that."

Tony looked away quickly. "Well can you blame me?"

"No," Woo Hyuk admitted. "But I still believe you need to get over him. I mean, you've seen the damage he can cause. And he's proven to you more than once that he just doesn't care about you... so... why?"

"It's hard when he's all I have on my mind."

Woo Hyuk stood from the bed and took a few steps toward the other man, deep in thought. "Well then it's simple. We just have to get your mind on something... or someone else."

"What?" Tony asked, looking up.

"You said you've only ever found one guy attractive."


"Right, so what we need to do is get you into someone else."

"It's not that easy."

"Ok, so what do you find attractive in a person?"

"Woo Hyuk... I don't think..." he paused with a sigh. "I like... nice hands."

Woo Hyuk held his hands out. "Nice like these or...?"

"Your hands are perfect," Tony admitted. "Second thing I noticed about you."

Woo Hyuk remained silent for a moment. "What was the first?"

Tony blushed visibly. "Well, your face."

"What about my face?" Woo Hyuk pushed.

"... Your smile."

"Ah, so you're a smile man. Nice smile... nice hands... I'm sure there has to be someone like that out there."

Tony's face lowered once more.

"Hey," Woo Hyuk said. "Don't get shy now. I've seen how pushy you can be. You're going to need that."

Tony shook his head. "Maybe... maybe I won't like someone else. What if... what if I can't will myself to do that?"

Woo Hyuk pressed his lips together in thought.

"It was a good thought," Tony admitted. "And I appreciate you trying to help me... But I just don't think I can drop this that easily."

"I think you can," Woo Hyuk insisted, clearing the last few steps between himself and Tony, looking down at the still seated man.

Tony looked up at the older man helplessly. "Like I said, it was a good thought. I'm just not that strong."

Woo Hyuk bit his lip, as if the new plan developing in his head was painful to think about. "Hoya... I'm going to try something."

"What?" Tony asked, his eyebrows raising.

"Just know that I'm not going to hurt you, ok?"

Tony, growing more nervous by the second, shook his head slightly. "I don't understand."

"You will."

After a moment, Tony nodded. "Alright."

Woo Hyuk rose a single hand to the side of Tony's face, tipping it back slightly. Without a word of warning and without allowing Tony another moment to think about what the older man had planned, he bent low and placed his lips gently to Tony's. Surprised, Tony made to pull away but Woo Hyuk merely leaned into him with a little more force and Tony gave up. His eyes slid to a close as he felt Woo Hyuk pull away for a moment, only to return with a slightly more forceful kiss.

Tony's shaking hand came up to grip the other man's arm, trying to find support in this most awkward, yet pleasurable of situations. And while one part of him wished Woo Hyuk would come even closer, a much larger part knew that the whole thing wasn't right. Yet, even with that thought, he couldn't bring himself to try to stop the older man. And just as Tony began thinking of ways to excuse himself from the situation, Woo Hyuk pulled away.

"Okay?" Woo Hyuk whispered; his face still only inches away from Tony's.

"Okay," was the only word that Tony could manage to force out. Still dazed, he allowed his eyes to open to the sight of Woo Hyuk moving to stand up and away. Tony shifted in his seat, sitting up completely.

"Where's your mind now?"

Tony honestly couldn't pinpoint where it was, but had anyone asked him just then who Hee Jun was, he would have been unable to answer. "I...."


"That..." Tony cleared his head, forcing himself to look at the other man. "That was my first kiss."

Woo Hyuk seemed surprised. "Really?"


"Wow... then uh... I'm sorry I didn't ask you."

"Why are you sorry?"

"I just raped you of your first kiss. You can't get that back. I feel kind of bad."


"Are you sure it's ok? I don't want you getting pissed months down the road when I, in some drunken stupor, announce to all your friends that I stole your first kiss."

Tony smiled widely, imagining Woo Hyuk drunk. "It's fine. Don't worry about it." He looked away finally, his mind wandering to Hee Jun once again. But he found it didn't stay there long. In fact, in only seconds, it was back to Woo Hyuk's kiss. 'Great' he thought, growing angry with himself. 'Now you have a crush on Woo Hyuk. That's just fucking magical.'

"What are you thinking about?" When Tony looked up at him with sad eyes, he added, "Honestly."



Tony swallowed hard, looking his friend in the eyes, not sure if he wanted to tell the other man just what he was thinking about. With a short nod, he finally answered. "You."

"What about me?" Woo Hyuk asked after a moment of silence.

"You..." Tony hesitated. "..and uh..."

"Me and you?" Woo Hyuk asked.

Tony turned his eyes down, suddenly realizing how stupid it sounded now that it was out in the open.

"Are you?"

"No, it's stupid," Tony brushed the question, moving to stand.

"What's stupid?"

Tony shook his head. "Just... my mind wandering." He moved around the other man and to the bed where his bag was. "I'm going to change, ok?"

"Okay," Woo Hyuk nodded with a sigh, slightly upset he couldn't get Tony to explain what he really meant. "I'll grab some extra blankets for you."

Tony stepped out of the room and across the hall to the bathroom. He closed and locked the door behind himself before turning to lean his back against it. Slowly, he sank to the floor, bringing his hand to his lips as he did so. He'd just been kissed by another man. A very good looking, kind, and protective man. A man that was, more importantly than anything else, not Hee Jun.
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