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No, I'm not

You would think someone like me would be pleased that 85% of the people who voted in the poll on my last entry voted for Woo Hyuk. But I'm not. Honestly, I expected more of a non-biased response than the one I got. So it is clear to me that some of you simply have not experienced these four dancers enough to make well thought out decisions about dancers.

So I uploaded clips and lives.

Love Letter - clip - Sexy Three-Way Dance --> YSI
Yunho, Woo Hyuk, Jun Yup
The three of them dancing together on Love Letter. You'll just have to ignore the dirty skank who joins them for the second half of it. Just pretend she's not there (which, I know, is hard cosidering she's fucking blocking Woo with her dirty, talentless ass). And I will totally be the first to admit that at the beginning of this when they are all dancing together, Jun Yup is so much smoother than Woo. Not to mention the fact that I think Jun Yup is like the only man who can wear a sweater vest and still turn me on.

Woo Hyuk, Minwoo, CLON - live - MKMF Awards (11.27.2005) --> YSI
Woo Hyuk, Minwoo, Jun Yup
This has got to be one of the best ideas anyone has ever thought up. These three clearly talented men dancing to a wide variety of songs and performing a grand display of style, talent and skill. This performance is so well put together that you may have to watch it twice... or four times... for Woo *cough*. I do love the random shot of Changmin, though... that amuses me.

Woo Hyuk, Minwoo - live - Dance Battle --> YSI
Woo Hyuk, Minwoo
I included this one because many people who watched it told me that they couldn't decide who was the better dancer. I admit that Minwoo puts on an excellent show here, but that might be where my problem with his performance was. He relies too heavily on the performances of his dancers. Are we rating this competition on the quality of your dancers' skill? I don't think so. Minwoo did a good job, though. They both did. Check this one out.

Dong Bang Shin Gi - clip - Yunho and Junsu Dancing --> YSI
He got the least amount of action in the above clips so I threw this one in. The title suggests that you may get to see Junsu... and you do... briefly. The clip focuses mostly on Yunho, and, while that does make me kind of sad, it serves the purpose of this entry very well. There's not a lot more I can say about it, as I'm not even really sure why I have it.

Woo Hyuk - live - Flip Reverse (11.20.2005 SBS Inkigayo) --> YSI
Woo Hyuk
Because I knew I would hate and hurt myself if I didn't include something of just him. And who is honestly going to turn down a high quality Flip reverse live? Nobody. I would have loved to share a live of his that was, you know, actually live, but truth be told he danced more in this one than any of the other ones I have (and, trust me, I have a lot). Also, his afro dancer doesn't have an afro in this. Go figure. Now I know you won't be too terribly distracted by the sexiness that are Woo Hyuk's dancers.

And I'm including this one so you understand that there was someone else that I wanted to put on the poll, but didn't because I knew the results would depress me. This is Jae Won of Black Beat, my second favorite male Korean dancer (after Woo). The beauty in his dance lies in it's originality and sheer skill and he is so underappreciated, even within that group, as Sang Hoon is also very talented.

Black Beat - clip - Jae Won Dance Performance --> YSI

So give the man some lovin'.
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