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Things I'd Like To Bring Up

--> THIS DISCUSSION. I always save my icons as png unless they are animated or cut-outs. In reading that rant and the comments that followed, I realized just how wrong I've been about securing the quality of my graphics in their highest. Is anyone here actually burdened but my 600 kb journal header? Like, for real? Because, in checking out THIS SITE, I have found that I present my journal with too many graphics, too high in quality graphics, and that I am a plague on all of humanity just because I didn't want the red to bleed into the black of my layout. Am I evil? Have I committed some form of irreversible hate crime against the world? Will I be going to hell because I like my graphics to look exactly how I made them?

--> I need to know. When you guys friend my journal, I am the very last to find out. There is already a small list of people who have friended me but did not recieve a like gesture because they never told me they were friending me and I never knew who they were. So, if you friended me recently, drop me a line here so I can see if your journal is worth checking out. It really does burn me something rotten when I don't know what's going on in regards to my own fucking journal.

--> And simply because I want to stir up some bullshit on my journal for no reason, a random, biased poll. *Cheers from the crowd* Right, so, remember I won't hurt you if you don't put Woo.

Poll #699138 Dancing

In terms of general ability, skill and talent (note: not preference in them as celebrities that you love), which two of the following would reign supreme in the world of dance if there happened to be a form of dancing hierarchy?

Woo Hyuk
Goo Jun Yup

Woo Hyuk // Jun Yup // Minwoo // Yunho

(Ordered by personal preference... so sue me)
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