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Ugh, so RealPlayer doesn't work. In fact, this whole computer is fucked. I'm ready to shoot the thing. Would be an improvement, to say the least. I'd say it was on strike but I'm not sure it has the ability to do that... concidering the state its in I'm lucky the damn thing turns on. I think it's about time I convince my mother to get a new one. Took me only a month to get this one out of her. And please, she's loaded and she can afford it... so why not? I have a plan... hmmm....

And although I told myself I wouldn't take any more of these quiz things, I couldn't help myself... result scared me.

I'm Momo!
You're Momo!

(Prince of Tennis) Which Seigaku Regular are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

*One of those strange, screwed-up, baffled faces*
This is what happens when the questions on these quizes confuse me into answering honestly. I get the truth... and its kinda scary... Accurate, but scary.
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