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Quick Poll

Seeing as I have nowhere to post my Tony abuse fic now that the pink board has abandoned me, and based on the reaction the snippet from chapter 13 recieved, and because of suggestions made by a handful of you, I was considering starting to post it here. This would be beneficial not only for the people who haven't read any of it, but also to those of you who have only read the first few chapters and I can't remember how far you've gotten... plus, you won't have to wait and catch me on AIM.

So, the question of the day is, would the posting of my Tony abuse fic be well recieved here on my personal journal (as I have no writing journal and don't write enough to actually care to have one)?


Poll #695106 Abuse Fic

Would the posting of my Tony abuse fic be well recieved here on my personal journal?

Yes, I would read it. Start posting it now.
I won't read it, but it won't bother me if you post it.
No, fanfiction is teh ebil. Die a few horrible deaths.

BTW, if I start posting it here, I will no longer be handing it out to individuals over AIM and you will actually have to start reading my journal to check if I've written any more. And to answer your other question, yes, I will be starting at chapter one and working up. So those of you up on 11 are shit out of luck.
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