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Stupid Title Thing.... Guh

Old habits I can no longer do because a fuck ass lives in my house:
1. Use the bathroom and leave the door open
2. Walk around the house in not but my skivvies and a shirt
3. Get dressed / undressed in my bedroom with the door open
4. Hang out in the living room between the hours of 6 and 10 pm
5. Sleep during those same hours because his ring tone is so fucking loud and gay
6. Order my brother around
7. Talk to my mother "privately"

... I know there's more, but that's all that bothers me right now.

I saw Van Helsing today. It's such a sexy movie and not just because of Hugh... althought that is a high point... the movie itself is just awesome. I'll take this moment to express my eternal disgust for zombies... I loathe the undead. Seriously... zombies are so gross *skin crawls* Bleh! Sure, you didn't actually see zombies in the movie... but those shiny bastards helped Dracula get Frankenstein's monster... evil sons a bitches.

Oh yeah, and I walked into Staples today to get some ink for my baby and this guy who works there came up to me and asked if I needed any help, and I was like "No, I'm good." And he just stood there watching me and I turned to him and said "I said I'm fine" and he almost jumped out of his skin. I know that's their job and all.. but I think saying I'm good means I'm good and can handle things myself...
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