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Back in business, baby. Remember my long (and completely justified) rant some time back when I found out all the tards who'd purchased extra userpics got to have 100 instead of the 50 they payed for and deserved even though the 100 userpics benefit was promised to only those of us (myself included) with permanent accounts? And what did the permanent account holders get? More space to host pictures... space I never used anyway. I have like a gig of space sitting around unused.


I went to upload a few new SuJu icons I'd made into my sad 100 userpics this afternoon and found this:

I thought it was weird and a glitch. Nevertheless, I started uploading more and more icons to see if that number would drop and the glitch would fix. I mentioned it to a friend who asked if LJ had upped the icon count again. But to 132? What a random number.

And then, like ten minutes ago, this showed up on the main page:

"We're also excited to announce the Loyalty Userpics program for paid account holders. For every three months that you have a paid account, we will award you one bonus userpic. Permanent account holders will always have the maximum amount of Loyalty Userpics possible, which as of today is 32 (bringing their total to 132), and will accrue Loyalty Userpics at the same rate going forward."

So now I'm sitting here with this smug-ass look on my face, just eating up the fact that my icons are going to go up forever because of my sexy as fuck permanent account.

A-thank you, LiveJournal.
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