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What you may not have known

This just going by you guys' complete and utter lack of well-wishes in your entries, I'm going to say you've forgotten the very important first date in the chain of awesome birthdays that we'll be experiencing over the next four months. Now, I may not have made a banner this year because of how shitty the last few days have been, but I did stand on my busted leg for over an hour yesterday slaving over a yellow cake with yellow writing and two blazing number candles reading 23.

He's 29 this year, by the way... and he's been sprung for the week.

Nice, you guys... nice. You forgot 227 and now this. I love how you guys can swear up and down your undying love for someone and then completely forget the most important dates pertaining to their lives.

Be careful talking to me on AIM today. I am in far too much pain to deal with little bitches. Don't even mention him. Don't even think about him.
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