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I just saw this on hoyah's journal and felt the need to steal

List 10 things you want to say to people but think you never will.
Don't say who they are.
Disable comments.
Never discuss it again.

(I left the cross-outs there because you were right in that sense)

01. You seriously need to take a step back and look at how pathetic you are. I'm surprised you have any friends at all with the way you treat people, and yourself.
02. Fanfreaking in moderation, my friend. I'm bad... but you are so worse. Sometimes I get sick when you IM me because of the way you word things.
03. No, not everyone is out to get you. If we were, you'd be dead.
04. I miss when we used to be close... before you grew that lump of bitch on your brain and started treating me like a bug.
05. You are far too extreme and you make me hate my fandoms. I have lost nearly all my respect for three seperate artists just because of you. Thanks. I appreciate it.
06. I worry for you. You aren't a good person but you think you are and I am worried that someday you'll find the truth in a bad situation.
07. I hate when you rub your things in my face. It just seems like you're bragging about all the things I could never have and it makes me feel pathetic, poor and small.
08. When I go to sleep at night, although I shouldn't, sometimes I think of you.
09. It's hard for me to say, and I'm sure you realize that by now with all the times you say it and I just smile and nod in return, but I really do love you back.
10. You have been the closest person to me since the age of four and I hate how I continuously disappoint you, so the plan to go away into the service is all for you. I hope that someday I can make you proud.

Some of these are to people here on LJ, and some are to family and loved ones.
Don't just assume they are about you.
Tags: memeish tendencies, trufax
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