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You know you love my colorbars.

This is my first time making one that isn't colored... so I needed to make a colored one with it... to ease my soul.

And the Dong Hae one is mostly just for me, but if you share my theory, you are welcome to it.

Pink Miracle is Homoerotic Love

Pink Miracle is Homoerotic Love

Dong Hae is like a forced, manly grunt

KiChul is Gay Princess Love

The image host that was being used is.... hate. So I uploaded the pictures elsewhere. If you have a shitty "image is up your ass" banner instead, just replace the code with the new, working one.

Pink Miracle - Pink

Pink Miracle - Color

Dong Hae grunt

Gay princess

By the way, I'm in a colorbar mood. If anyone wants to request one, now is the time.
Tags: ok we can!, shit i handle
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