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The Down-low

I won't be around for a couple days because my mother isn't working for a few and you all know by now that if she's awake and here, I am not on this computer. So... I won't be around.

I will, however, be leaving you with something to hold you over, just in case my mother doesn't go out for the entire weekend.

And now, the perf from the end of Super Junior Show 5. I cut it out so I could get the show out of the computer but still keep the Hyuk lovin' alive and well for whenever I need it. By the way, if you haven't seen this episode... I seriously suggest it. First, you get Dong Hae's diary, which starts with Dong Hae, Sung Min, and Hyuk Jae (the three best members of the group, don't argue, I'll fight you) hanging out with dogs. It. Is. Adorable. And, am I the only one who noticed that they were playing the theme from Real Sex during part of it? I'm serious. I was like "Shit... where do I know that song... and why am I thinking about naked women?" Yeah, it's the theme tune from Real Sex. Watch it. You'll love it.

And then the perf at the end. Han Kyoung, Hyuk Jae, and Dong Hae dancing to Usher's "Caught Up". If that's not hot, I don't know what is. And if you ever had any doubt about Hyuk Jae being a complete Woo Hyuk clone (and doubling Liz's reason for living), watch this and you will be convinced.

Super Junior - live - Caught Up dance perf
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