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We Consider Ourselves Wet

Tei, Tablo, Brian, and Malebin on today's Love Letter. Are you guys as turned on as I am? Cause, damn... If you only included Tei and Tablo, I'd be all over that shit... and Brian is just the icing on the cake... and we all know how much Liz likes to laugh at Malebin. And best of all? Absolutely NO fucking Bin. <3

It's gonna be great.

In other news:
I am now up to episode 7 in Rainbow Romance. Yes, it's taking me a long fucking time. I am not exactly made of time. I do have other bullshit to get through. I mean, I'm backed up right now as I type this. Creep is in need of a major update, including three colorbars that I always fucking forget, and about 100 icons that are just sitting around from updates on acony_icons.

By The Way:
I made Suikogaiden icons --> here
... and Sung Min icons --> here
... and the Super Junior mood theme is done --> here
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