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tohashiraya: Dude and that guy with the blonde hair and the black beard is weirding me out
Degac Creep: I think that's No
Degac Creep: is he wearing cowboy boots
tohashiraya: I think so
tohashiraya: he has a green, yellow and brown sweater on
tohashiraya: Heechul was making googly eyes at him before he went to break up with the girl
tohashiraya: in the cafe
Degac Creep: yeah
Degac Creep: thats No
Degac Creep: Malebin's secret lover
tohashiraya: ...such a fitting name
tohashiraya: and NO he's NOT
tohashiraya: -shudders-
Degac Creep: yes
Degac Creep : he is
tohashiraya: That man is not fit to be anyone's lover
Degac Creep: look at the way he was looking at him
tohashiraya: except maybe Hyori
Degac Creep: he wants him in the worst way
tohashiraya: Nuuuu~
Degac Creep: Malebin's like "Mm, now that's an ass I want to tap"

tohashiraya: He was just...just misguided
Degac Creep: no no
Degac Creep: it's true love
tohashiraya: looking for advice is all
tohashiraya: nonononon -covers ears-
tohashiraya: I'm not hearing this I'm not hearing this
Degac Creep: it's love in the trueness
tohashiraya: -rolls around-
Degac Creep: the truest of all loves
tohashiraya: can't hear youuuu~
tohashiraya: No the truest love is DONGCHUL!!!
tohashiraya: FEEL their love!
Degac Creep: compared only to Romeo and Juliet
Degac Creep: No and Malebin
Degac Creep: 4 ever
tohashiraya: No and Malebin...the only thing in common with Romeo and Juliet is the tragedy part
tohashiraya: Now with DongChul that' where you get true love
Degac Creep: No and Malebin is my new OTP
Degac Creep: fuck TonHyuk
Degac Creep: fuck HyukMin
Degac Creep: NoChul
Degac Creep: sexy
tohashiraya: -shudders- Don't torture yourself!
tohashiraya: Aggghg! Listening to this is maddening
tohashiraya: -slaps self- Get a grip woman!
Degac Creep: heh heh
tohashiraya: -sprays mace at No-
Degac Creep: *hisses at you*
tohashiraya: Geh get away from Cin!
Degac Creep: don't mess up my OTP
Degac Creep: don't get between their love
tohashiraya: XD You're so cruel!
tohashiraya: Oh I'm not between their love
tohashiraya: God and everything holy is between their love
Degac Creep: you so wish
tohashiraya: Dongchul and Shichul all the way
Degac Creep: you are so in denial
Degac Creep: you know what
Degac Creep: fuck all of those
Degac Creep: LizChul
Degac Creep: end
tohashiraya: Nothing to deny. No doesn't even exist
tohashiraya: XD
tohashiraya: LizChul huh? That's better than NoChul
tohashiraya: I'll take LizChul over that anyday
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