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Ha ha, Fucking Boybands

I've decided that, after viewing the third Super Junior show... Kang In is just the most precious little thing. I was such a girl watching that. Really, I have to say, watching the little diary things really makes you twice the fan because you get to see so much... and now I wish I hadn't because I already don't have enough time with the boybands I'm persuing without getting dragged into this one. But seriously... Hyuk Jae dancing to Candy? Who can say that's not fucking precious? It is. It's precious.

Ok, moving away from crazy boyband loving for a few seconds, I need to say that I feel really ugh. Like in a slump but not really. Sick but not really. Overworked but not really. Just an overall ugh feeling that's kind of hard to explain. And my face is tingling. Can't explain that, either. So if you talk to me and I seem a little off... I know. I am completely aware that I am acting like a bitch and a fool. If you can't deal with it for a little while, then don't talk to me. It's a passing thing, I'm sure. This also sucks for people who are just getting to know me. Know that I am an absolutely raging sexy sweet heart who has homicidal thoughts only for Woo Hyuk fans and Bin. That's all. I don't really hate you. I love you, in fact.


Ok, update on icons because I was too excited to write anything about it yesterday. Entered two icontests but I plan to enter one more this morning and possibly two more this afternoon or tonight, depending on if my mother is working or not. She should be but I didn't ask.

And I made hide icons --> here

And I'm thinking about making myself a new mood theme... but have no idea what I could change it to. I love Woo Hyuk. I've had this mood set for a very long time... and I know it takes some days to make a new one. And there are only so many people I have that many pictures of... so... what? I don't know. Just rambling a bit.
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