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The Bin Hate ABOUNDS

Liz hates Bin. So much, in fact, that this entire rant has been building up for some time. If you like Bin, or don't like out of control Liz... skip this.

I don't know why I did it to myself, but I did.

There's this... well I have to say "person" because they are human even though their opinions must have been programmed in like a fucking robot... on Soompi who bounces around in the only threads I can go to on there (Love Letter, X-Man, etc) with this sexy sexy Woo banner (which I wanted to kill her for at first because, hello, he's mine) but what really disturbed me is she also uses a Bin avatar and completely promotes these two together. Make me gag. ANYWAY, so I noticed there was a link in her signature to Woo's thread (which I can't go to because of that stupid bitch who thinks she knows everything about him, but seriously thought an old JTL picture was his "new look" and doesn't know who Tony is) and also a link to Bin's thread. I sat there for a few minutes contimplating just how in the hell Bin has enough fans to actually have a full thread about her. Then I started wondering like "Jesus, what if she has sites? AND FORUMS!?" and started giving myself a headache.

Just looking at her makes my blood boil and my face flush up like a fucking tomato. Just the thought of someone giving her money to torment the good viewers makes me sick and confused. SICK AND CONFUSED. So, by this point, I'm already fuming fucking mad. So what does Liz The Genius do? SHE FUCKING GOES TO THE MOTHER FUCKING BIN THREAD!! *Confused expression* I don't understand it. I really don't I simply can not explain what the fuck I was thinking. Maybe that robot-programmed, Bin-loving idiot has some sort of psychic waves flowing off her signature or something.

Anyway, so I go to that thread and it started off pretty good. People trashing her. It was... awesome. But then I skipped to the end to see how completely confused these people were... AND THEY'RE FUCKING COMPLIMENTING HER SINGING, DANCING, AND ACTING. *Hold head* What singing!? WHAT DANCING!? ACTING!?!??! *Small faint* These people are... so... very... STUPID. I know I am so not the person to judge people on their preferences... but Jesus FUCKING Christ these people are morons. Can they not see with their own two eyes the complete trash that's in front of them? And you know what else I realized in going to that thread? Bin lovers hate Hyori... and I found myself sitting there like "Well, hell... Hyori doesn't seem so bad..." AND DO YOU GUYS KNOW HOW MUCH I HATE HYORI!? I know some of you were around for the full week I blew up at anyone who mentioned her. Oh no... this goes so much deeper than that... SO MUCH deeper.

Oh, right, and they're talking about making a board for her. I know. Wtf. And they mentioned something about her performing in the states and there weren't a lot of people cheering for her and she said something like "I guess you guys don't want me here"... I love my country. I learned my lesson... I can't ever go back to the Bin thread... not that I'd feel the urge, but I'm sure if you told me this morning that I'd spend upwards toward five minutes on a Bin thread, I'd have smacked you in the face. So you just never know.

Oh my god, and get this... at one point, I was questioning if maybe I really didn't hate her... and I just really liked her and couldn't bring myself to say I did because I've trashed on her so much and I don't like to share Woo. Yeah. I stewed on that one for quite some time.
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