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Stupid Job Corps

*Falls over*
What a day.

I had to get up at 11:30 AM because some guy from Job Corps was supposed to come here today to see how things are going for me. I cleaned my entire house yesterday, mind you, up and down, front to back just to make it perfect. Then, today at 1:00 when he was supposed to be here, he didn't show up. So 1 PM came and went, followed by 2 PM and then I said fuck it and went back to bed. If he ever showed up, all he got was a nasty vulgar note I left for him on the door.

Its funny tho... at Job Corps, one of the first things they teach us is how to be employable... you know, be on time and what not. Heh heh. I'm not even answering their phone calls anymore.

And I just woke up... I mean, I haven't even watched any Prince of Tennis yet...
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