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*Holds Head*

AmyKaidoh01: *sighs* angsty Woo...
Degac Creep: *narrows eyes*
AmyKaidoh01: singing angsty woo is awesome
Degac Creep: *folds arms*
AmyKaidoh01: the boyfriend likes that version of him better...
AmyKaidoh01: his fave song is Iyah
Degac Creep: *one eyebrow*
AmyKaidoh01: oh and god...chris loves Pu ha ha....
Degac Creep: *taps foot*
AmyKaidoh01: woo hoo...and today I will be ordering - JTL all albums, Woo Hyuk, Tony's album and special album....

... something tells me I'm not getting through to you guys anymore...

Where the hell is that icon... AHA. *Uses*
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