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Mother Fucker

So I guess Woo and Bin got together on LL again. Jesus fucking christ, people... Can't you give my poor fucking heart a break!? I also hear that vixen of sluttery and deep, dripping, infected wounds isn't going to be on the show next week. Yay. Just fucking great considering neither is Woo Hyuk. Nice. I am also really fucking sick of the asscracks on Soompi saying Bin and Woo are cute together. No. Shut up. No. they aren't. Let's get one thing straight, cock mongers, Bin looks like some poor lab experiment gone terribly wrong but released into the world anyway. She's right on par with the god-damn Elephant Man in regards to sex appeal. Mmyeah. Give me some of that. And she's fat. Fat, flabby, bug-eyed and talentless. How, in the name of all things holy, does this make her "cute" with someone as godly as Woo Hyuk? I will simply never understand this bullshit.

Girls Woo is absolutely fucking adorable with??

What? No Bin? Oh, fuck me solid and straight. Who fucking knew?

I'll tell you. I fucking knew.

Don't agree with me? Let's go. Start shit right now. I'll take you right now.
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