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The Shows

And you guys had better read this whole thing. I have pictures. It's great.
This is really only Thursday and Friday's events. All the other stuff that went down were just... not very important to you guys so I'll keep it.

Warning: This is SEVERELY image heavy.
And you'll see Bi.


We arrived in NYC and spent a few hours in the hotel doing nothing really. So I took a few pictures of the random things around the room.

The little bed. I slept in it. And well. I'm not complaining.

The mirror in the bathroom was behind the toilet. That is so wrong.
I scared the shit out of myself the first time I used it.

The TV and window. Not much to say about that.

Our view. This is our ghetto. At one point someone was hanging out of one of those windows.
I know. WTF.

Then we went to the concert. I didn't have my camera with me because I was under the impression that cameras would be taken away. Instead, everyone and their mother had their camera there so I was already making plans to bring mine on Friday. I started planning where and when I'd be snapping shots of Bi the next night.

We waited in line outside for a good long time. Got asked some questions about whether or not it was the right line to be in and how I got into Bi. I felt kind of out of place because the only other white folks we could see in the line were this small gathering a few people ahead of us. I was worried that I'd have to defend my fandom to my fandom. It was a horrible feeling. Why couldn't there be more white people there? A newspaper article on Saturday would read that 95% of the people who attended were asian. I have to dissagree. It had to have been much closer to 98%. Anyway, so then we were pulled out of that line because it was General Admission and the jackass who told us said, and I quote, "You folks look like you're in the wrong line. Billy Joel is on the other side." And I gave him this small glare as I stepped out and said a simple "No" while thinking "Seriously, man, do I look like a fucking Billy Joel fan? No. I don't think so." I think Tim said something rude involving "asshat". I don't remember. So then we stood in the next line for a long time before being moved to the other side where I saw more white people and was kind of glad for that. I don't know why I was having such a hard time with it.

Then we finally got in, found our seats like nothing and sat there waiting for the rest of the theater to fill up. And then... out of nowhere, this fucking wave of screams and screaches started up and I like leaped to my feet like "OH MY GOD WHERE IS HE!?" but it wasn't him. Someone walked across the front of the room, bringing more screams with them. I, at that time, could not see who it was. They walked with their gathering up our side and vanished to the back. Minutes later they returned and walked down the aisle twenty feet to my left. And there, between two fans in the midsts of freaking out, I saw him. I couldn't breathe. I sat back down and clung to Tim's arm like a fucking viper and I clearly remember stating "Oh my god" but I can not for the life of me recall how loud, or what the screach value of it was. I couldn't think straight. Bi wasn't even in the room yet and I couldn't formulate the words I wanted to put out to tell Tim who it was. He kept asking "who is it?" but it took me a good minute to calm down. The first line out of my mouth, I swear to fucking God, was "Do you remember that show X-Man?" Like I said, the words were just not coming out. Well, they were, but they didn't make any sense. He was like "yeah..." and I, in my state of complete fangirl fever, and not able to recall the man's name, said, "Well, you remember that short geeky host that used to be on the show?" ... "Yeah..." ... "... It's him." Then there was more heavy breathing and trying to compose myself as he moved into the seats there and I caught glimpses of him every now and then. He then moved up top and I couldn't take my eyes off of him. I couldn't believe I was in the same room as him. It was a rush.

After all that, it was all about just waiting for the show. We were close to the center on the left side, right on the aisle. The three people who were supposed to be in the seats next to me never showed up. It was great for the elbow room. Then the lights went out. There was screaming everywhere. No amount of lives can ever prepare you for actually being in the middle of all of that fangirling. I had the glowing wand in my hand but for some reason I couldn't use it. I was in such shock. Then that chick came out. The one with the bad music. Tim had been worried about who was going to open for Bi and would tease me about it being Bin. I'm just glad it wasn't. I would have died four thousand slow painful deaths if it was. This was a chick and she was bad, but it wasn't Bin and that was great.

Then she left and they ran the little opening media thing. And then Bi burst up through the floor. The floor, folks. And he stood there for a little while as we all screamed bloody murder at him, nutscrazy about seeing him there, actually, really there in person. God, he was beautiful. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I couldn't believe I was actually there. I was in the same room as someone I'd been obsessing over for years. It was like all my dreams coming true at once and then someone giving me a million dollars to scream. There are no words to describe the exact feeling of being right there. It was like watching an HD live with surround sound and the bass cranked all the way up and one fan screaming right in your ear. And the lighting. Oh my god, the lighting. It was everywhere, and at times got right in my eyes for no reason but to blind me, but I didn't care. I was far too lost by that point to even care about my own poor eyes.

I don't remember the track list... even if I tried I could never remember it... but I do remember he started with Na, which is only like my favorite Bi song of all time. Fuck It's Raining... fuck it straight to hell. It's all about the Na. And there wasn't a soul in that room who could have kept me from singing that one as loud as I felt it needed to be sung. God. It was just... fantastic.

Alright, let's talk JYP. Oldschool that I am, of course I knew of JYP before Bi. He came out a few times to introduce the American stars that were there that night like P. Diddy and Jojo. I know who P. Diddy is. I'm not a complete fucking vegetable. But can someone please fucking tell me who the hell Jojo is? She was like "Oh my GOD, Rain is the MAN!" I was like. "You've never heard his music... shut up bitch." She seemed like such a stupid twitty bitch. I felt my IQ dropping just being in the same room as her. But P. Diddy was pretty cool. I guess I might have been more hyped that he was there a few years back but it didn't phase me much. I still screaming my lungs out, though. Cause that was kind of cool.

(The links in this section are to dowload the MP3s of those songs that I have in the computer)
Anyway, back to JYP. He came out at one point like "Where are my old fans?" and I screamed even though he clearly mentioned fans from ten years ago or from like 1994. I was like "I'm oldschool but I'm not that fucking oldschool." Screamed anyway. I love that man. Then he performed. I screamed so loud and so long that I swear I must have done some serious damage to my throat. I tried to explain to Tim why this was such a treat. I was like "THIS MAN IS A LEGEND, GOD DAMN IT!" I think he understood the words that were coming out of my mouth but not the meaning of them. I knew from the moment he walked out in that segment while Nan yeo jaga ineunde played in the background that I was going to JYPgasm in my underwear (which I wore, BTW). And it was so beautiful. Just seeing the man performing once again... I could have cried... if I wasn't screaming at the top of my lungs and gripping Tim's arm like my fingers were lungs and his arm flesh contained the only remaining oxygen in the world. I knew then that I would have to bring my camera the next night and take like 400,000 pictures of his performance... given that he actually performed again. I think on both nights I was the loudest when Naltteona jima played. That's like right up there in my favorite songs of all time. The big song he performed after the short medley was Honey. Anyone who is a big JYP fan like me knows just why that's so great.

Other performances to note were, of course, Goodbye (which was SOOO cute) and It's Raining, which everyone with a voice sang along to. Seriously, the crowd was louder than Bi, the music, and the backtrack combined. God, I was screaming that so loud. The crowd was more into the performances on Thursday. We stood for him like four times, I think. Most of those times he asked us to, though. He was like "Stand up" and I was like "Yes, master". It was great.

And his english. My god, his english. My favorite part was "I love you so MAAAACH". The whole part of the show was so serious, but I had to laugh at that. Just the way he said that. Actually, I don't remember if that one was Thursday or Friday... I'll just mention it now and get it out of the way. He kept saying "I love you." He almost made me cry at one point. It was just such a great freaking concert. I can hardly believe it even happened. I'm so glad that it was Bi who popped my concert cherry. I would not have wanted it any other way than to lose my concert virginity to a Korean star. I had so much fun. I wasn't really sure how to act but I figure I screamed enough.

Oh and there were these chicks a few rows behind us that kept screaming "I love you" every time things got a little quiet. I knew they were asian but I could only visualize them as annoying white chicks. And at one point there was a completely random scream of "touch me" from one of them. That will stick with me forever. Also, if you downloaded my last voice post, you would have heard me immitate it. It was just that great.

So then we went back to the hotel to reflect on the night's events. I took pictures of my concert booty.

My glowstick (which I so affectionately call "my wand") and concert program.

My $25 concert shirt. I couldn't leave without it.
I'm actually wearing it in this picture, you just can't really see me.

Steph called after that and we talked for like half an hour about the show and all that good stuff. Then we slept.


We had to get up wicked early to go meet one of Tim's friends for lunch. While waiting and having my hair get destroyed in the rain, I took a few pictures.

This is the sidewalk we were standing on. I wanted something special to remember the city by.
This is about as great as it gets.

The buildings were so high they vanished in the low fog.
We both took pictures of this.

So then his friend finally showed up and we took the subway to this restaurant called Serendipity. We waited for like an hour to get in, but we were the first ones there so we got right in. And then, to my own mortification, his friend asked if we could sit at the table Cher sits at. I took like three steps back, ready to run for it. We all ate chicken and frozen hot chocolate. I took a picture of mine:

Mmmm. Yum.

Anyway, when we got out of there, we took the subway back to Times Square where we stopped into a good variety of stores including one place where I bought shit for my whole family. Ash tray for Charlotte, shot glass for my mother, keychains for the twins. I even got myself a NYC zipper pull with Tony's name on it. I couldn't leave it behind. It now lives on my already Tonyed-out purse. I didn't take any pictures of it, but I trust you'll just imagine something sexy.

We dropped by some more stores, he bought perfume for a friend, and I bought L'arc~en~ciel's Live in the USA DVD. I wanted it and got it. End of story.

Anyway, so on the way back toward our hotel, we walked by MTV Studios. We were across the street from it and saw the gathering of asian chicks looking across the street in our direction. At first I was wondering what the hell they were looking at because when I looked up at the studios I clearly saw Bi and his dancers doing thier thing through the windows. I looked up and back a bit and saw the big screen they were watching but from my angle I couldn't see what was on it. I saw a bit of reflection in the studio windows that showed Bi's big beautiful face and knew that they must be watching what was going on inside. I took some pictures of what we could see.

You can see him and a dancer in the second one. Tim's pictures are better because he has better zoom on his camera. I'm sure he'll be charing his pictures on his journal at one point.

After crossing the street and walking around to see the screen, we took some pictures of what it looked like. I took four because I was trying to catch it on a single frame.

That last one was the one I was trying to catch. I felt accomplished.

So then we went back to the hotel once again and I started taking more pictures of various things around the room.

What we so affectionately referred to as "the shit stains" on the ceiling and wall.

Dinner, as provided by a corner store on the way back to the room.

My DVD in all it's giant-boobed glory.

The heap is me. Tim took this one.

Then we watched TV for a while before heading back out to the Garden, once again. The wait was much shorter as we knew where to go this time and we left the room a hell of a lot later than we had on Thursday. Security was so lax that I wondered why they checked our bags at all. I had my headphones with me so I listened to music while we waited. Tim expressed how out of place he felt. I had already gotten over it the night before, but I still knew how he felt. We were asked, yet again, what the line was for. Tim was like "Rain" and the guy was like "Is that a broadway show?" and I just laughed and never heard Tim's answer because my music was playing. I left him to answer questions because I wasn't comfortable calling him Rain and knew I'd just piss someone off calling him Bi.

So we got in finally. We didn't need to stop and buy concert booty as I was already wearing my shirt and we had our wands from the night before all tucked away and ready to be used. Tim never got to use his because he took pictures and filmed the whole time we were there. I would have taken a whole hell of a lot more pictures than I did but my camera crapped out around the second or third song Bi did and the batteries I brought with me didn't work. I was kind of upset, but at the same time relieved that I could scream, sing, and chant with the crowd another night. Tim just worked his camera like a pro and I asked him as soon as my camera died if he would take pictures of JYP for me. He did me one better and filmed the sex's performance. Nice as he is, I'm sure he won't mind me sharing it here. JYP's performance was just as hot as it was the first night. If you watch that clip, you can seriously hear me screaming the whole time. I was loudest at the start of Naltteona jima, as mentioned for Thursday. At one point I leaned in toward Tim and said, "I'm going to scream it," then turned back to the stage, rose my wand into the air and screamed "Have my children". After a few listens, Tim claims he can hear exactly when I say it and that first time he mentioned it, I could hear it too, but now I can't. So I can't point out exactly where it was, but I'm sure if you listen close enough you'll catch it.

Inside the theater.

JYP banner that I needed a picture of.

Ok, on to the pictures I did manage to grab.

The opening chick again.

And now for the Bi pictures that I got before the camera crapped out.

For more, better quality shots, talk to Tim. He also has a grand assload of clips from it, too. He's been sharing them around on various communities, so just look.

There was this one guy who worked there who had been looking at us funny for a good portion of the show like we didn't belong there and then during the encore (which was the I Do remix) when I was singing the whole thing, he kind of shoved his whole foot in his mouth and I just smiled smugly at him. It was grand. I felt more like a Korean music fan right then than I ever have in my life.

So, in conclusion, I am no longer wearing any underwhere and am fully fueled to have Bi and JYP dreams. I wish you all could have gone. It was so fun.
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