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A few high points

--> Yesterday at one point, my name was showing up as a community. I thought that was kind of cool. I screencapped it and I'm glad I did because when I went back later, it was fixed:

Thought that was kind of cool.

--> I currently have 101 icon wins. That's right, folks, I hit my mark of 100. That is awesome. I don't know what my next goal could possibly be. Liz is lost right now.

--> I was asked to make a tutorial for a style I used on some recent icons. I've never made a tutorial before, but I think I did pretty well. And you can view that here.

--> I leave for NYC today. I'll be back early next week, but I really worry for you guys. How will you get along without me? Those of you who mod communities I run, just keep everything in order while I'm away. Otherwise nobody even has to know I'm gone. I'll leave a voice message for you guys just before I go, so look forward to that. I have to finish up a few last things, and my chest still hurts, but I'm sure everything will be fine. Plus, hell, I'm going to see Bi... twice.

--> Thank you everyone for taking part in my last poll. you guys probably thought it was just some odd thing I do. But really, I was trying to decide if a sex change was in order. I guess not. Oh well for the ones who answered "only if she was a man". And nobody said no... that's kinda hot. After the most recent check, one of you said no. I'm upset.

--> And for you guys for being so great and to hold you over until I get back:
H.O.T - clip - Chilling In The Car --> SF
H.O.T - clip - Giddy Woo Hyuk --> SF
JTL - clip - WYL Shoulder (Fanfilmed) --> SF
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